Ravn Studio AS is an independent game development studio based in Drammen, Norway. It was established in 2002 by Stine Wærn and Tinka Town.[1]

Ravn Studio collaborated with Gamoola on the Snake-remake Snakeball, released in 2007.[2]

Their first gaming project, Englekræsj, an adventure game for children, was released in August 2008. The game received generally positive reviews,[3] notably from Verdens Gang and Aftenposten.[4][5] Ravn Studio was later sued by Funcom co-founder Ian Neil, who claimed that the characters in the game were based on his designs.[3] The district court ruled in favor of Ravn Studio, and Neil was ordered to pay damages and attorney's fees.[6]

Ravn Studio is developing a Nintendo DS game based on Flåklypa Grand Prix, the most widely seen Norwegian film of all time. The project has received one million Norwegian kroner from the Norwegian Film Fund, and is expected to cost 4.5 million in total. The game is slated for release in late 2010.[6]

Ravn Studio is the only Norwegian company licensed to develop on all the major gaming platforms; Nintendo Wii and DS, Sony PSP, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.[1] In 2007, Ravn Studio was the recipient of the Nordic game program.


  • Snakeball (PSN) - (Published by Sony)
  • Englekræsj (PC) - (Published by Norwegian Game Distribution)


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