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Rayingri is a small, barren terrestrial world. While it possesses a reasonably temperate climate and number of useful resources, no mining corporation is willing to risk investment.

A rogue planetoid, dubbed Vahtz by the initial salarian surveyor team, entered the system approximately ten thousand years ago, and it was trapped in a decaying orbit around Rayingri. It is nearing the end of its slow spiral inwards. Earthquakes and cyclonic windstorms are increasingly common on Rayingri.

Within a few hundred years, the planets will rip each other apart. Some asari travel consortiums have already announced sponsorship of cruises to observe the spectacle.

Note: The Mako can land here. There are deposits of titanium, thorium and polonium. There is a crashed probe that can be recovered here. A League of One medallion can also be recovered for UNC: Locate Signs of Battle. There is also a geth outpost here for UNC: Geth Incursions.

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