Realm is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform shooter video game, developed by Flair Software[1] and published by Titus Software[1] that takes place in the future. The player controls a young cyborg named Biomech. The object is to defeat enemies with laser weapons and other space age guns. This game was released near the end of the Super NES' lifetime and features extensive graphics for a side scrolling action game. Nintendo Power also reviewed this game, giving it average marks in fields like graphics, overall game play, and fun factor.


  • Default gun-Fires red energy shots and has infinite ammo. This gun is what Biomech starts off with and appears if another gun that the player has runs out of ammo. Inflicts light damage.
  • AD350-Fires green heat-seeking lasers. Inflicts medium damage.
  • TR1-Fires three spreading plasma shots. Inflicts medium-light damage.
  • VFR750-Fires five small cyan shots in very quick succession. Inflicts medium damage.
  • NR750-Fires a group of red torpedoes which must be charged up. Variable damage.
  • LC-30-Fires a large green laser that is hard to aim at an angle. Inflicts heavy damage.
  • GSX750-A machine gun-like rapid fire gun. Inflicts heavy damage.
  • CBR600-Fires small fireballs that act like boomerangs. Inflicts medium-heavy damage.
  • SR500-Fires a steady line of small "rocket-pods". Inflicts medium damage.


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