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Rebel Trucker : Cajun Blood Money is a truck racing simulator for the PC produced by 3 romans and Global Star Software.


The game follows the tale of an unemployed man named Keri Thibiodeaux who needs a job, and becomes a truck driver. The man then gets a job with the mafia and the aim of the game is to complete particular missions for this rebel truck company around New Orleans and the surrounding areas.


• Training and certification levels where the player learns how to drive

• A variety of story-based missions to play

• Bonus mini games like loading dock and parking tests

• 10 multi-objective racing based missions

• An assortment of rigs to drive including flatbeds, car carriers, sleepers and tankers

• Run contraband for the Louisiana underworld or join federal agents and help shut them down

• Commercial trucker mode lets you drive highways, logging gas and lodging, and trying to meet legal and weight compliance laws

• Over 100 miles of real city roads and highways, with some noticeable landmarks around New Orleans

• 3 levels of difficulty.


Upon its release, rebel trucker received quite a negative reception from a lot of reviewers, down to its stability issues and 'fun factor'

-GameSpot : 1.8/10 "Rebel Trucker is a huge mess of a game"

-Computer Games Magazine: 4/10


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