Red Ace Squadron is a computer vehicle simulation game developed and published by Small Rockets in 2001. There is also an enhanced version named Red Ace Squadron Pro.


The game takes place World War I. There are 10 missions by German planes (including Master mode), 10 missions by English planes (also including master mode), and a "secret mission".

Pro Version

A Pro version of Red Ace Squadron was released after a year of development. The main updates in the pro version are: General updates

   * Improved loading speeds
   * Updated key bindings to get around Windows XP 'sticky keys'
   * Improved documentation 

Single player updates

   * Levels of difficulty - easy, normal, hard and ace 

Multiplayer updates

   * Files are verified against the server - to stop cheating
   * Servers can have a name and a game type name
   * Server is configurable from inside the server program
   * Server can be password protected
   * Pick Up configuration
         o Enable/disable Pick Ups
         o Change how often a Pick Up appears
         o Configure amount of ordinance a Pick Up gives you
         o Pick Ups can be given to Players entering the arena 
   * Better GameSpy integration
         o Will correctly show the amount of players/active players/game type/name 
   * Game mode features displayed in game
   * Change aircraft map visibility with 5 different modes
   * Choose the map the game will start on
   * Versioning - to stop clashes with different server/client versions
   * Configure the amount of players on a server
         o Internet games can now have 8 players 
   * Server can display its IP address

Proposed Sequel

Jon Small had planned to launch the sequel to the Red Ace Squadron in 2008 but the release date was delayed. The game is going to feature new graphics engine and will probably be designed to work on Vista As usual the game's timeline will be set in World War 1.

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