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Reel Fishing, also known as Fish Eyes in Japan, is a series of fishing video games by Natsumi. The first game, Reel Fishing, was released for the PlayStation in 1996.


There are several games in the series. The first two games, Reel Fishing (released in 1996)[1] and Reel Fishing II (released in 2000)[2] appeared on the PlayStation. They were followed by Reel Fishing III in 2003 on the PlayStation 2.[3] A special fishing reel controller was released with the first game that was also compatible with the sequels. The first game was successful enough to reach "Greatest Hits" status.

Reel Fishing: Wild was released for the Dreamcast in 2001, making it the first non-Sony entry of the series.[4] In 2006, Natsume released Reel Fishing: Life & Nature[5] and Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors for the handheld PlayStation Portable.[6] Reel Fishing: Life & Nature was also planned for the Nintendo DS, but was canceled.[7] Two installments for the Wii, Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream and Reel Fishing Challenge (the latter on WiiWare) were released in 2009.[8]

Games in the Franchise

Title Year Platforms
Reel Fishing 1996 PlayStation, PlayStation Network
Reel Fishing II 2000 PlayStation
Reel Fishing: Wild 2001 Dreamcast
Reel Fishing III 2003 PlayStation 2
Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors 2006 PlayStation Portable
Reel Fishing: Life & Nature Canceled Nintendo DS
Reel Fishing: Angler's Dream 2009 Wii
Reel Fishing Challenge 2009 WiiWare
Reel Fishing Challenge II 2010 WiiWare


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