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Rage as he appears in DDR 4th Mix


Character Information

Name: Reiji Itoh (伊藤玲二)
Age: 20 (SuperNOVA→Present)
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Birthplace: Japan
Likes: Yakiniku (beef barbecue), watching martial arts matches, Takoyaki
Hates: Helping out at home (his family owns a liquor store), Izam
Introduced in: DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX


RAGE is a natural athlete, but he's got a temper - hence the name. He left his home in Japan and went to the U.S. all by himself, looking to realize the American Dream and open up his own Takoyaki (Japanese ball pancakes filled with octopus) restaurant. He calls them the traditional Japanese delicacy. He shares a room with a friend he made there, holding part-time jobs and dancing on the streets.

His friends are always saying how delicious his Takoyaki is ("We want more!" "We want more!"). He was chosen to be a backup dancer for a famous artist. Recently his Takoyaki business has taken off, so he is having trouble balancing the two. Tonight is his first performance; he will bathe in the light of the stage.


  • RAGE's family run a liquour store, while EMI's parents run an electronics store. The parents of Eiichi "A1" Yoshioka, DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX's character designer, met when they worked separetely in an electronics and liquor store in the same shopping center.
  • Part of the Burning and POPS-sideA- duos, along with EMI.
  • RAGE appears in the 2006 movie Grandma's Boy.
    • He also appears in the 2007 movie Kickin' It Old Skool.
  • RAGE is mentioned in a question in the BEMANI Exam on KONAMI's arcade game QUIZ MAGIC ACADEMY Kenja no tobira (クイズマジックアカデミー 賢者の扉).

Staff Comments

DanceDanceRevolution X

The original concept called for a 'street'-type character, so that's how we designed him. We think he turned out pretty good looking.

Song Appearances

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