This is a journal, obviously written by the dwarf Relmar before he went insane. It details much of his journey to the Spirit's realm. There are several sections of particular note.

Entry 34

Word came down from Maugrim in the tower in Luskan today. I'm being sent to Neverwinter Wood with some lackeys to attack some spirit creature. The bloody wizard's given me a vial of poison, supposed to be incurable, short of the single-shot antidote he gave me. I'm not sure why he gave me the antidote though. Possibly I could use it for bartering for something, though. Talos only knows what we're searching for. Some of the wizards are coming with us. They'd better not get in my way or I'll...

Entry 39

Idiot wizards let it slip that there be three other cult agents in the area. One be holed up in Luskan, (and let me just add that the finest of whorehouses be in that town), the second be exploring some caves to the north of Port Llast, while the other be in Charwood, a place I know precious little about. I'm thinking that when me adventure be done, there may be a wee bit of gold to be earned with such information.

Entry 52

... and a damn-fine pickle me be in now. Hork and Tythit both are dead, killed by the Spirit while I poisoned the tree. Then those... wizards took off and left me here to due. I don't know how, but ya can count on Relmar to find his way back home and when I do...

Entry 57

What be wrong with this place? Every landmark disappears without a trace. It seems like there be no way out. It makes me want to shout... What the blazes am I rhyming for? I don't know what's happening, but I decided I had better hide the antidote to the poison, before I get jumped by the Spirit. All blasted night the thing wails. Last night I just about got up and took the antidote over to pour on its tree. Can't imagine what I was thinking...

The last entry is almost incomprehensible, as the ability to think or write coherently seems to have been stripped from the dwarf's mind. It does mention something about a pile of rocks to the southwest of the Spirit.

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