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Game Series Mortal Kombat series
First Appearance
Gender: Male

Reptile, always a reliable servant to Shao Kahn, is chosen to assist Jade in the capture of Kitana. In contrast to Jade's instructions, Reptile is ordered to stop the renegade Princess at all costs... even if it means her death.

Special Moves

  • Acid Spit: Forward, Forward, High Punch.
  • Slow Forceball: Back, Back, High Punch + Low Punch.
  • Fast Forceball: Forward, Forward, High Punch + Low Punch.
  • Slide: Back + Low Punch + Block + Low Kick.
  • Invisibility: (Use Block) Up, Up, Down, High Kick.
  • Reverse Elbow: Back, Forward, Low Kick

Basic Combos

  • Combo Punch & Kick: High Punch, High Punch, High Kick, Back + High Kick.
  • Combo Punch: High Punch, High Punch, Down + Low Punch.

Finishing Moves

  • Fatality 1: Tongue Eating: (Distance of one jump away) Back, Forward, Down, Block.
  • Fatality 2: Acid Throw up: (Sweep) Forward, Forward, Up, Up, High Kick.
  • Animality: (Close) Down, Down, Down, Up, High Kick.
  • Babality: Forward, Forward, Back, Down, Low Kick.
  • Friendship: (Close) Down, Forward, Forward, Back, High Kick.
  • Stage Fatalities: Block, Run, Block, Block.
  • Brutality: High Punch, Block, High Kick, High Kick, Block, High Punch, Low Punch, Low Kick, Low Kick, Block, Block + Low Punch.


  • Reptile is ordered by Shao Kahn to find and kill Kitana. He is successful in completing his task, but upon returning, finds himself shunned by the Emperor. Shao Kahn promised Reptile that if he was successful that he would resurrect Reptile's race. Shao Kahn never had any intentions of fulfilling his promise. Enraged, Reptile turns against his master and defeats him in battle but by killing his master, Reptile destroys the one chance to ever know his true race.
  • This information is for "Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3".

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