Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Directed by Alexander Witt
Produced by Paul Anderson

Jeremy Bolt

Don Carmody

Written by Paul Anderson
Starring Milla Jovovich

Sienna Guillory

Oded Fehr

Mike Epps

Sandrine Holt

Thomas Kretschmann

Jared Harris

Iain Glen

Music by Jeff Danna
Cinematography Derek Rogers

Christian Sebaldt

Editing by Eddie Hamilton
Distributed by Sony
Release date(s) US: September 10, 2004

United Kingdom: October 8, 2004

Japan: September 11, 2004

Australia: October 21, 2004

Running time 94 min. / 98 min (Extended Cut)
Budget $43,000,000
Preceded by Resident Evil
Followed by Resident Evil: Extinction
Language English

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