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Resident Evil 4
Resident evil 4 boxart
Box Art
Type Video Game
Developer(s) Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher(s) CapcomUbisoft
Media 2 x Nintendo Optical Disk, DVD-ROM, Wii Optical Disc
Genre(s) ActionSurvival horror
Gameplay Mode(s) Single-player
Release Platform(s) GameCubePlayStation 2WiiMicrosoft Windows

Release Date(s)

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Resident Evil 4 is actually the sixth game in the ground-breaking Resident Evil franchise. Considered to be the rebirth of the franchise, Resident Evil 4 revived the almost dead franchise with its addictive blend of action and horror that games in the Survival horror genre, and Action games will copy for years to come. It was originally part of the Capcom Five and a Nintendo GameCube exclusive as well, but has since been ported to the PlayStation 2, PC and Wii.

Resident Evil is rated Mature by the ESRB for Blood and Gore and Intense Violence.

Resident Evil 4 gave inspiration to another great game, also developed by Capcom; Devil May Cry. This Hack-and-Slash genre would eventually surpass the Resident Evil series.



Six years ago, Leon Kennedy survived the destruction of Raccoon City, as seen in Resident Evil 2. Since the events of that day, he's become a highly-trained government agent, answerable only to the President of the United States. The Umbrella corporation, which was responsible for the Raccoon City outbreak, has been driven out of business by the American government.

After several successful missions, Leon was supposed to move on to a job as a bodyguard for the President's family. On what would have been his first day, though, the President's daughter Ashley Graham was kidnapped. Leon was placed on the team dedicated to finding and recovering Ashley, and soon afterwords, is sent to investigate an anonymous tip. Ashley has reportedly been sighted in a rural village in western Europe.

When Leon gets there, he finds that the villagers, called Los Ganados, are hostile towards outsiders, and that all of them apparently belong to a bizarre cult called Los Illuminados...


Leon S. Kennedy


Leon S. Kennedy in RE4.

A character first featured in Resident Evil 2, Leon S. Kennedy is now an agent working for the American government who is tasked with protecting the President's family. With his government training Leon has mastery over a wide range of weapons as well as being skilled in self-defence.

Ashley Graham

The United States President's daughter, whom Leon was ordered to rescue when she was kidnapped. She was captured under the orders of Osmund Saddler who plans to primarily use her for his plans for world domination.

Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4 PS 216519a

Ada Wong as she appears in RE4.

A character that was first featured in Resident Evil 2. She seemingly worked for Wesker, but is actually a double agent. Her mission was to receive a sample of Las Plagas for Wesker, but she gave him a fake one instead.

Albert Wesker

A character featured in many other Resident Evil games. He seems to want to resurrect Umbrella Corporation. He seemingly had superhuman strength and agility, as demonstrated in Resident Evil 5.

Luis Sera

A mysterious Spaniard who has gone from working with the Los Illuminados to working against them. Though his intentions are unknown, he is surely friend, not foe.

Ingrid Hunnigan

Leon's contact with his agency, and the only link between Leon and the civilized world. She calls Leon S. Kennedy frequently but the line was jacked by Osmund Saddler and Ramon Salazar.

Bitores Mendez

The leader of the village where the game begins. After Leon defeats him, you use his false eye to open a door out of the village. He serves as the quaranty antagonist of the game.

Jack Krauser

He used to work with Leon but later turned against him and became a henchman for Osmund Saddler. He wields a knife and later in the game Krauser reveals his Plagas arm but Leon kills him. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the game.

Osmund Saddler

The leader of the main cult in the game the "Los Illuminados" and he is also the final boss. Shortly after you meet up with "Luis Sera" you see a cutscene, where Leon gets an egg implanted into him. After you rescue Ashley, you see Saddler doing the same to her too. In the castle, before the part where you play Ashley, "Luis Sera" appears with "the sample" and then Saddler kills him. He serves as the main antagonist of the game,

Ramon Salazar

A 20 year old Castellan who owns a castle he has two body guards who has been having the Queen Plagas and is in control of the Ganados. He is the eighth Castellan and later in the game he turns into a Master Plagas, but is killed by Leon. He serves as the tertiary antagonist of the game.


A helicopter pilot answering Leon's distress call. He assisted Leon for a short period of time by clearing an area of Ganados but was shot down by a rocket under Saddler's command.

Don Jose

A villager infected with Las Plagas, he is the first villager you find in the pueblo. When Leon asks him if he knows where Ashley is, he replies in Spanish: "what the hell are you doing here, beat it asshole!" then attacks Leon with a hatchet but Leon dodges it and kills Don Jose.


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