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Removes all magical, extraordinary, and supernatural effects that apply a penalty to ability scores, Armor Class, attack and damage rolls, spell resistance, saving throws, and damage immunity. This spell also removes all level drain, blindness and deafness effects. Will not remove the effects of a curse or a disease.

Facts about "Restoration"RDF feed
AreasSingle +
Caster LevelsCleric 4 +
ClassesCleric +
ComponentsVerbal + and Somatic +
DisplayNameRestoration +
DurationInstant +
ElementScroll +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
Innate Level4 +
NameRestoration +
NamePageRestoration +
NamesRestoration +
PageNameRestoration +
PageTypeElement +
RangesTouch +
SaveHarmless +
SchoolConjuration +
Spawn IDnw_it_spdvscr401 +
Spell ResistanceNo +
Weight0.1 +

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