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Doom1 SS

The reticle is circled by the yellow circle

A reticle is an aiming aid for games in first person. Starting out in original FPS games as simple colored dot or cross hair in the center of the screen, the reticle did have bigger dreams for when it grew up. The prime reason for a reticle is to show the player which spot a projectile will travel when fired. Games began using the reticle as a means to inform the player of various situations within the game. This is done by changing the reticle color, shape, size, and image. These cues can include marking targets as friendly, no more ammo, your reloading and can't shoot, or letting you know an object as interactive. In some cases the reticle is removed completely to make aiming more difficult on the player. By no means does using the reticle mean a direct hit with a target. Projectile velocity and a targets speed can nearly render shooting with aid of a reticle almost useless. The reticle is also one part of the HUD.

Without a reticle first person shooters would be nearly impossible. For this we thank and salute you Mr. Reticle.

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