Rewolf Software, also known as Rewolf Entertainment, was a game development studios established in Utah by Herbert Flower (also known as Herb Flower) in 1996[1]. The development team that Flower put together came from the mod scene and was put together for the duration of one project.

File:Rewolf Software.png
During its existence, Rewolf Software worked on one title, the Half-Life mod Gunman Chronicles[2] (also known as Half-Life Gunman) which shipped in late 2000.

After Gunman Chronicles was shipped, Rewolf Entertainment dissolved and its team members moved on to new ventures. A couple of months later, in 2001, Herbert Flower co-founded Mythyn Interactive [3] together with Paul Witte, while the core team on Gunman consisting of Stefan Baier, Renier Banninga, and Adrian Banninga, moved to the Netherlands, where they co-founded Streamline Studios together with Alexander L. Fernandez.


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