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Ring King, also known as King of Boxer or, oddly enough, Family Boxing in other parts of the world, is a video game by Data East released to the arcade in 1985 and later for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It allowed the player to pick from various fictional characters and duke it out with the computer or a second player in a boxing ring.

Graphical Design Controversy


The picture in question

The Ring King game has something of an urban legend attached to it, in that the boxers' cornerman appears to be performing a fellatio maneuver on the fighters between rounds. It is possible they were trying to depict the cornerman dropping the cup into the boxers' tights between rounds, but the graphic limitations of the NES make the scene look questionable.

When the fighters grapple, it appears to be that they're hugging. This is also a case of bad design.

Fellatio aside, the game was praised for its RPG attributes, as each player can choose how to distribute their boxer's abililities, and puglistic realism. Currently the game can be played online.

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