Empires rise and fall, but heroes will live forever

Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War takes place in the ancient worlds where 4 civilizations fight for glory and territory control. The empires that are featured in the game are the Greeks, Persian, Egyptians and Romans. Rise and Fall has many features but there are few features that make this game special. Those features are:

  • Hero command: Allows you to take control over the hero you play with in 3D view, fight enemys with a sword or a bow and use their special abilities. (NOTE: You can not control other units but you do have special commands for nearby units. 'G'- Guard Position, 'F'- Follow, 'C'-Charge).
  • Stamina: Hero Command abilites and attacks cost 'Stamina'. Your hero will start generating Stamina slowly (after promoting him to level 2). When your hero runs out of Stamina, you return back to the RTS mode.
  • Naval battles: Naval units(ships) act as a floating barracks, meaning, you can train soldiers and archers there too. Also ships allows you to recruit a drummer, a drummer will allow you to ram you ship against another enemy ship destroying it completely. The ship also allows you to recruit a sailor, a sailor can repair the ship and also throw hooks at another ship to connect them so your army can board the enemy ship while floating on the sea.
  • Glory: Collect Glory by exploring, battles, constructing buildings or build Glory Statues.

Made by the Rick Goodman (who also worked at Empire Earth and Age of Empires).

Let your quest for glory Begin!

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