This page is for Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (PC) cheat codes.

Cheat Codes

Press Enter then put in one of the codes below and press Enter again.

/cheat resource (who) (what) (+/-)number 
adds resources
/cheat add (number) (what) 
this adds a unit or a building to the location you are pointing to with the mouse
/cheat reveal 
reveals the map
/cheat victory 
win the mission
/cheat (ally,peace,war) (who) 
this forces peace, an alliance, or war with a player
/cheat mapgen 
generates a new map
/cheat dominance (which) (who 
gives the desired dominance
/cheat mana (who-hero name) (+/-)number 
adds mana to the hero
/cheat finish 
finishes the selected building (can be used for units if building is making units)
/cheat explore (normal/explored/all) 
changes exploring configurations
/cheat tech (who) tech (on/off) 
researches all tech
/cheat safe 
adds some Juggernauts and Air Destroyers around your capital (race does not matter)
/cheat damage (+/-) (number) 
Changes the amount of damage on selected units or buildings
/cheat die 
Kills selected units or buildings

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