Rise of the Argonauts is a 2008 third-person action adventure video game developed by Liquid Entertainment and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game's plot surrounds the myth of Jason and his Argonauts as he searches for the Golden Fleece.[3][4]

Story Edit

In Rise of the Argonauts, the player assumes the role of the protagonist, Jason, a Greek king. Jason's wife, Alceme, is assassinated and Jason avenges her by killing the assassin. He sealed her body in the temple where they were supposed to marry. After that, Jason discovers that the only way to bring back his wife is to obtain the Golden Fleece. Traveling to Delphi, Jason learns from the Oracle that the only way for the road to the fleece be revealed is to find the three descendants of three of his patron gods: Hermes, Ares and Athena. The descendant of Hermes is based on Saria, Athena's on Kythra, whereas Ares' is located at Mycanae. After convincing all of them to join the Argonauts, Jason travels to the Oracle again and learns that the fleece is at Tartarus. When Jason travels back to Iolcus to revive Alceme he confronts Pelias, his uncle who is a traitor. During the course of the game, Jason will face Blacktongues who are behind Alceme's assassination, Ionians, mythical beasts and other characters but he will not be alone. Four more argonauts join in along the way and one witch who was a former Blacktongue but now wants to destroy them.

Characters Edit

  • Jason - The young king set out for the quest to seek the Golden Fleece. He is the acting leader of the Argonauts and the sole character the player will control. Depending on which gods Jason hails the most, he can become proficient in the sword, spear, mace, and even his shield offensively. Jason's overall personality is decided by the player's actions and choices.
  • Hercules - The son of Zeus and an old friend of Jason's. Knowing the pain Jason has from losing a loved one, he joins his friend on his quest. Needing only his great legendary strength, Hercules' sole weapons are his own bare hands.
  • Atalanta - The world's fastest woman. She was raised by centaurs and joins Jason's crew to save her people and see the world. She wields a bow in combat.
  • Achilles - The great and invincible hero of the arena who is destined to die in the Trojan War. He has yet to find something to fight for, as he has it all: women, wine, fame, etc. He only joins Jason for glory and wields a dual-bladed spear.
  • Pan - The wise old satyr of lore, who has been wandering the world for nearly eight hundred years. Pan is the healer and resident spell caster of the Argonauts.
  • Medea - Once a member of the Blacktongues, now hostile towards them, she joins the Argonauts to help Jason kill these evil sorcerers.
  • Medusa - Once was a very beautiful girl, she has been turned into a hideous beast.
  • Blacktongues - Evil sorcerers whose power comes from commune with Tartarus. They worship the Titaness Hecate and believe her to be the true ruler of Tartarus.
  • King Lycomedes - King of Mycenae, and Alceme's father. At first he blames Jason for Alceme's Death, but then trusts him and joins Jason on his quest.
  • Captain Idas - A very skilled warrior and Captain of the Iolcian Guard, he retires in the beginning of the game after the attack.
  • Patroclus - Head of the Mycenean Arena.
  • Pelias - Jason's uncle and advisor for Iolcus.
  • Xeno - Menander's arrogant brother who causes trouble in Iolcus because of their failure to protect his brother on his visit during the assassination.
  • Docon - The Ionian champion who comes to Mycenae for the tournament.
  • Captain Ekekios - Captain of the Mycaenean Guard, who was paid by the Blacktongues to keep secret that they were in Mycenae.


Review scores
Publication Score
Game Informer 6/10
GameSpot 6/10
IGN 6.5
Official PlayStation Magazine (US) 2.5/5
Official Xbox Magazine 7.5/10
Official Xbox Magazine (UK) 8/10

Reviews have been mixed, with the game generally receiving praise for its story and visuals, but criticized for sparse placement of enemies and relatively easy boss fights. Criticisms also center on the inordinate amount of time spent in conversation with characters in the game, with the lack of compelling voice performances not helping the situation. Further criticisms included technical issues including bugs, camera problems, and crashes.

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