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Road Fighter (ロードファイター?) in Japanese is a car-based arcade game developed by Konami and released in 1984. It also was the first car racing game from Konami. The goal is to reach the finish line within the stages without running out of time, hitting other cars or running out of fuel (fuel is refilled by hitting a special type of car). The game also spawned two sequels in its time, Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 in 1995 and Winding Heat in 1996, respectively.

Ports and related releases

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The game was later released for the MSX home computer system (1985), and Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan and Europe in the early 1990s, and followed the same format as the original. The game was included on Konami Arcade Classics in 1999 and on Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits for the Nintendo DS. The arcade game was released for i-mode phones in Japan in 2005.

Road Fighter was made available on Microsoft's Game Room service for its Xbox 360 console and for Windows-based PCs in March 24, 2010.

Konami GT

Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2

Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 is the sequel to Road Fighter, released in arcades in 1995, and on the PlayStation in 1997. Although different from the 2-D Road Fighter, the scenery is similar to other racing games set in Japan such as Initial D Arcade Stage and Wangan Midnight, except the cars are not licensed. The player also has a unique selection of normal cars and tuned cars.

Car List

Winding Heat

Winding Heat is the sequel to Road Fighter and Midnight Run, released in arcades in 1996. This is an improved version of Midnight Run, though it gives you more of the normal or tuned cars, and the rules remain the same. Unlike Midnight Run, it takes place on touge roads.


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