Robot Entertainment is a gaming company created by the founders of the defunct Ensemble Studios, after being shut down by Microsoft.[1] Other members of the company founded Bonfire Studios. Robot Entertainment was responsible for maintaining and updating Halo Wars until February 28, 2010 when Microsoft Game Studios assumed control of the game servers and updates. But they are still responsible for maintaining the Age of Empires franchise.[2][3]


On 10 July 2010, the company announced that they are working on two games; the first of which will be published by Microsoft Game Studios, and will be an RTS game, similar to the Age of Empires series[citation needed].

On 17 August 2010, the company announced the new game Age of Empires Online. The new game featured a new stylized, 'cartoon' look, but Robot promised that it will still offer gameplay depth for fans of the franchise and will not alienate any of its fans from the series, but there has been much dissent from fans of the Age of Empires series.[4]


Title/Codename Genre Release
Age of Empires Online[5] Real-time strategy 2011
Game 2.0[6] Unknown TBA

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