Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (or Rockstar Table Tennis) is a table tennis simulation video game. The game was initially released on May 26, 2006 for the Xbox 360 with the Wii version being released on October 16, 2007.[1]

Rockstar Table Tennis was the first game to use the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (R.A.G.E),[2] the game engine Rockstar used in Grand Theft Auto IV[3] and Red Dead Redemption.

This is the first game from Rockstar to get an E rating, most games have been for adults.


Rockstar Table Tennis is a realistic simulation of the sport of table tennis. Two players hit a ball back and forth from one another, with the goal of trying to make the opposing player 'miss' the return through the use of various 'spinning' maneuvers. For example, if one's opponent were at the far left of the table, he would 'spin' the ball to the right of the table. The game also features a drop shot, as well as a 'focus shot' where the game goes into slow motion to allow the player return hard-hit balls more accurately.


Review scores
Publication Score
Game Informer 8/10

The game has been praised[4] for its simplicity, its "pick-up-and-play" style and its detailed visuals. The average rating of the game is 83% from the review aggregator[5] The game also includes numerous unlockable achievements that increase the longevity of the single player game. However, the difficulty of obtaining some of the multiplayer achievements (such as one requiring the maximum TrueSkill rating possible - only achievable by the top few players on the world leaderboard) - was one of the criticisms of the game. Another problem exclusive to the Wii version is the lack of a left-handed player amongst the characters lessening the controllability for left-handed users.

The multiplayer mode (available through Xbox Live only) allows for exhibition and tournament play with up to 12 other players.

Some reviewers[4] have criticized its lack of features, such as a career mode, the ability to create your own player, and other elements available in many other modern sports games. Table Tennis features only exhibition and tournament play (for both single and multiplayer). Most reviewers[4], however, were able to overlook the omission of these features owing to the game's budget price (Table Tennis was priced new at $40/£30, $20/£20 cheaper than most Xbox 360 games).

Wii version

A Wii port of Table Tennis was released by Rockstar Games on October 16, 2007. The game fully utilizes the Wii Remote.[1] The Wii version offers 3 different control schemes:

  • Standard - uses the Wii Remote by itself.
  • Sharp Shooter - uses the Nunchuk attachment's analog control to place the ball.
  • Control Freak - uses the Nunchuk's analog stick to control the player's position.


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