The Quartz Zone

The first two levels in the game serve as a basic tutorial, to show how the game works and behaves. In the first level, you're shown being dropped from orbit, but it seems the enemy was prepared for the invasion.

The game starts by gradually explaining controls and basic tutorial functions. In order, you will get the following:

  • Looking around using the mouse
  • The health and ammo display at the bottom right - you have regenerating health for the darkened health bar section.
  • The radar and digipad
  • Movement, and weapon fire.

A few things that are not covered in this immediate tutorial: Sniping mode, grenades, stealth kills, blindfire, and the pistol. These will be learned later, but you can use them if you're able.

Once the basic control tutorial finishes, you can advance forward and engage the two enemies. You will also meet up with Gunnar, who will follow you for a short while. This is until you learn the cover tutorial where you can use cover aganst two enemies that approach. After his death, his biochip will augment your rifle and enable auto-targetting (although still requires your aim as well), making headshots and air-tank shots easier.

Head down the path, which leads to the Lazooka. Pick it up and fire two shots at the Blackmare Tank's turrets, by holding the fire button until it completes the weapon lock. At this point, you'll probably be hit by stray missile shots, which triggers a tutorial on health damage that doesn't regenerate, and how to use a medikit. Continue to Bagman (to your right) - if you run low on ammo or health packs, he will give replacements.

Advancing leads to enemies, in possible range of an explosive tank. After a few burrowing vehicles pass, you will be instructed to use the sniper mode and snipe the enemy in the machine gun emplacement.

The next corner teaches aimed grenade move, activated by holding the grenade key. Pressing the key simply does a regular unaimed toss. After the last group of enemies, you need to man the Flak Cannon, and shoow down the Hoppas in the air. Both of htem hollow a simple movement route, and are easily taken down. Gunnar will burst open the door with a micro mine. The next room has enemies behind cover, which you should take as well. The only hostiles left is one group in a single emplacement.

The Orange Sea Coast

Bagman will commence his tutorial concerning inventory. Collect scrap on the ground, and open the digipad to obtain the micromine upgrade. Use the micromine to blast open the door. Dive over the gap, and head around the corner. Hold the micromine button to launch them infront of a door, to setup a trap fro a single enemy. Climb over the wall, and search the enemy for a small amount of salvage. (Generally, two enemies give salvage close to one magazine of ammunition.)

Advance, and defeat the few enemies. Pickup the lamzooka, and hit the two small turrets on the Blackmare Tank. You can now meet up with another portion of your squad. Continue down the tunnel to the right, and you'll meet with Helm, who will give you the Scrambler grenade, which can stun enemies and distrupt electrical equipment. Backtracking will have Nort reinforcements burrow in from the ground, where you can test the new grenade type. When Helm unlockes the door, you can attack the emplacment from behind, allowing you to progress.

There are decapitators approaching, which are small anti-personnel drones. They're best handled by shooting the main drone, or by throwing a scrambler grenade.

Pillboxes appear soon after - there's a few ways to defeat them, either by sniping the sensor, throwing a grenade, or using a kill-move when behind them. There are four pillbozes when you first encounter them.

The Machine gun turret ahead doesn't seem to have a visible soldier to snipe. You will have to move from cover to cover to get past.

Proceed up the right side of the building, and reach the building. Helm will hack into the panel, allowing you to proceed the rest of the way to the artillery emplacement. After eliminating all enemies, circle around the artillery piece until you see the control panel. Place a micromine for the mission to end - where you see other GIs get ambushed and Helm get captured.

Nort Battleship, Orange Sea

The game now gives instructions on stealth - you can use the Pedal Menu to attach a silencer, and the game makes it slightly easier to perform kill moves due ro enemy positioning. Stealth kills grant extra salvage. Also of note, the health bar extends slightly.

Head to the back of the docks to enter the base.This allows you to learn the Sentry gun. Place the sentry gun where Gunnar makes his recommendation, and raise him to have him start firing. While the sentry gun is deployed, you get an infinite-ammo pistol. You should be able to flank by taking the doorway to the left.

Proceed deeper into the base, where you find some docks. The left leads to a bridge, which is disabled to prevent you from proceeding furhter into the base. The right leads to a small dock, which you can place a micromine to attract the enemy. You may also setup the sentry gun near the bridge to take care of enemies trying to cross. Once you place and detonate the micromine, the enemies will cross the bridge and attack. Cross the bridge yourself, and head to the top floor on the far side - drop the micromine when the tutorial popup appears, and head to the door.

Place the sentry in front of the door, then open it. The sentry will eliminate some of the Norts. Head down the corridor until you reach a fuel pipe. Place Gunnar to cover the exit right of the pipe, and plant a micromine. You can now head down the corridor that leads outside.

Sneak up on the person in the MG emplacement, and use it to clear out approaching enemies. Head down, and cross the bridge, and watch the cutscene where you see Nort Tactical Armor get deployed. To defeat the armored infantry, throw a scrambler grenade, and use a kill move by getting close. Head through the doorway on the far side, and climb the stairs - there's a second tactical armor approaching, which can be defeated in the same way.

Chapter 4

New upgrades
  • Sniper level 2 (2000)
  • Badman level 2 (2000)
  • Sticky Grenade Level 1 (1000)

There are two routes to advance. The direct route leads to more enemies out in the open. It may be easier to take the side route, which does lead past drop pods that release head hunters if you touch them or touch the blue sensor light. The lower path also leads past some salvage, and the upper path does the same (although it is slightly behind you as you climb up.)

To advance, reach the building's door. After clearing all nearby nords, place helm on the door to start the unlock. Nords will be deployed by dropship and approach from the ramp leading to the door. When Helm finishes hacking, retrieve him and enter.

In the middle section, a cutscene introduces the sniper, recognized by a laser sight, and generally appears on distanct building. To distract them you need to use the holo decoy to move to a better position or otherwise distract them long enough for you to get a clear shot.

You first need to stop reinforcements by planding a micromine on the fuel container on the drop area. Head across the valley and into the area with the red vertical reactor to enter the building containing intel. Fight past the few nords, and enter the command center at the top to retrieve the intel, and to blast open an alternate pathway. Nord reinforcements arrive - return to the valley and enter the newly opened path to the east. This leads to a maze-like trench, and an open area with aircraft. Continue to the east to reach the wildlife preserve.

Sneak into the wildlife preserve by jumping over a cracked sectionin the wall. Silently kill the sniper watching over the reserve, and climb the stairs to your left. Open the gates to have the animals escape and attack the nords, allowing you easier access to the main base. Hack the main door, and defend yourself against incoming aircraft. When you open and enter the door, the current chapter will en with a cutscene showing Rogue retrieve the data.

Nu Paree

New upgrades
  • Scrambler Grenade level 2 (2000)
  • Incendiary Grenade Level 1 (1000)

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