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Roll.EXE is Mayl's NetNavi (short for Internet Navigator). She is a kind-hearted Navi with healing powers. Just as Mayl resists Dex's affections, Roll resists Gutsman's attempts to ask her out and has eyes for Mega Man. She is close with Mega Man and the two of them are not quite as shy about their relationship as their operators are. She is the only Navi who's chips appeared in all 6 games. In 5 of those games, the chips were almost always given to Lan by Mayl sometime in the story. She has always had 3 chips, whereas in the 3rd game, all other Navis have a V4 and V5 chip. in 1 game, the 4th in the series, Roll is fightable, as well as providing a Soul Unison. The only game where her chips aren't listed with "V2" and "V3" is Battle Network 5, where she has "SP" and "DS" chips. She regained the V2 and 3 chips in the 6th game, where EX and SP chips were used.

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