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Rondo Leaflet

Release data: 01/26/2007

PC Game

System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP, DVD-ROM Company:Little Witch Genre: Adventure/Erogame

Game Synopsis

Matthew Hamilton is a young servant. As he chose the same way as his father without intention, he has no enthusiasm for servanting, he has got fired 5 times. The servant association treated him as a headache, and was about to take his name off the books. To his fortune, he got final chance which is working at a ruined peers' house for free. In fact, that house has very many troubles. Maids are very slack in their work because wages are not paid, the house itself is very dirty, and the landlady doesn't have so good character as well.

External links

Rondo Leaflet Official Website (JAP):ロンド・リーフレット

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