Ronimo Games is a Dutch video game developer founded in 2008 by former students of the Utrecht School of the Arts.


The team that later formed Ronimo Games initially came together under the name of Banana Games,[2] and created the original freeware PC version of de Blob [3]. Publisher THQ noticed the game, was very impressed with the team's work, and acquired the rights to the game. THQ subsequently handed over further development to Blue Tongue Entertainment (Nintendo DS, Wii) and Universomo (Mobile/iPhone/iPod).

With the money earned from selling the rights to de Blob the team founded Ronimo Games.[1] The name "Ronimo" came from a brainstorming session in which the team decided to combine the first letters of the words "Robot Ninja Monkeys".

Ronimo's latest title is the 2D real-time strategy game Swords & Soldiers, which was released for WiiWare in May 2009.

Games developed

As Banana Games

As Ronimo Games

Further reading

  • De Pers, "Nederlandse studenten maken succesgame" - October 6, 2008


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