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Rugby Challenge 2006 is a 2006 rugby union video game. There are a number of tournaments that can be played in the game, both club and international competition. In addition there is a career mode (which includes trade/recruitment/management etc.), full training mode, as well as player/team/tournament editor.

There are a number of 'Challenge Modes' as well; Survival mode, Classic mode and Superstar mode. Classic games/teams can also be unlocked. The in-game commentators are John Inverdale from BBC & Dewi Morris from Sky Sport. The game has multiplayer up to 4 people.


There are a number of different cover arts for the game; one features four different rugby union players (one from England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland), one features a number of Italian players, another has a Biarritz player, and another has no footballer, but a rugby ball on the cover.


There are a number of tournaments included in the game, including:

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