Rumble Fighter is a free-of-charge, 3-D, online fighting game developed by WeMade Entertainment and Nimonix, and published by OGPlanet. The game is a translated port of an original game called Gem Fighter (젬파이터?) which originated from Korea. Until recently, Rumble Fighter was only open to users residing in the United States and Canada.[2] However, the European version of the game has now been released. As Rumble Fighter progresses in development, new additions may be implemented in the game.

Rumble Fighter is a casual fighting MMOG in which players may battle with each other, or as teams. The game allows players to choose between several fighting styles, which are known in-game as "Sacred Scrolls". With its "ExoCore" system, players are able to undergo transformations during a battle. Such transformations change both the player's appearance and his or her fighting abilities.[3]

Additionally, players are given the option to have a large amounts of customization by purchasing clothing and items using one of two currencies: "Astros" or "Carats." Although the game is free to play, users are able to buy Astros, OGPlanet's universal online currency,[3] which may be used to purchase in-game items normally unavailable by other means. Other items may be purchased with Carats, the currency exclusively used in Rumble Fighter, which are usually obtained by winning battles. Players may also buy clothing or accessories for their characters from the item shop, which, upon equipping, may affect their stats, such as HP, SP, STR, ARM, SPD, and JMP capabilities.



A long time ago, an evil spirit known as the Shadow King planned to conquer the world and consume everyone in it. Many fighters fought hard in trying to defeat the evil king, but unfortunately some could not overcome the evil and became consumed by his power. These consumed fighters were known as the Dark Guardians. The Shadow King was defeated when fighters captured his evil spirit with the Sacred Seals and placed it underground in a location known as "Resurrection".

After the defeat of the Shadow King, the Dark Guardians disappeared into the darkness as they waited for the perfect opportunity to strike again. The ancient Guardian fighters who fought and defeated the Shadow King gathered together and handed down their special powers to others for the war against evil. These fighters placed their powers into entities known as ExoCores, so the power could be utilized in the future for other fighters if evil ever returns. Fighters known as "Guardians of the Seals" were given these ExoCore abilities to continue the fight against evil. The only way to keep the Shadow King from resurrecting is by protecting the Sacred Seals that contains him. To ensure that the Seals were never to be joined again, Guardians secretly placed the Seals throughout the world. The Dark Guardians, however, soon discovered that destroying the Seals was the only way to resurrect the Shadow King. The Dark Guardians searched high and low throughout the lands to locate the Seals. Eventually the Dark Guardians were able to obtain and crush some of the Sacred Seals. With the power of the seals beginning to weaken, the shadow king was able to utilize some of his powers to instruct the Dark Guardians to create corrupted ExoCores to initiate an even more powerful attack to bring the Kings resurrection closer.

Currently, there is a huge war of good versus evil in the fight for the Sacred Seals. With the Seals weakening each day, the hopes of victory for the Guardians are starting to slip away. In preparation for the very worst, a Rumble Fighter Tournament is being held to recruit the best fighters from around the land to aid in the great war.[4]


Upon logging in, players will automatically enter a channel. Currently, 6 channels exist in the game, each generally separating players by their skill level: "Amateur", "Semi-Pro", "Professional", "Free", "Guild", and "Tournament". Players may be promoted to different channels based on their performance in battles. The Open channel, however, is available to all players, and the Tournament channel is currently unreleased but on its way. Rumor speculated Tournament Channel would be opened for special occasions though this was false.

Character clothes, accessories, exocores, and scrolls can be bought from the game's shop. Sacred scrolls allow the player to change their fighting style in-game allowing players a variety in fighting styles and combos. An Exocore is a weapon system allowing players to transform into an extra mode becoming stronger players. All exocores give a player two special attacks, the player can use them by pressing either the assigned keys.

Rumble Fighter features five character classes, each with its own stats and set of exocores. A player initially chooses one character class to start playing as (with the exception of the shaman class which to attain, must be bought with 200 astros), but may purchase additional classes through the use of in-game Carats. The five classes are Striker, Soul Fighter, Elementalist, Alchemist, and Shaman.[5]

The "Guardian" rank is a special role a player can earn when at level 15. To get it, the player must beat the "Survival" mode three times. Once achieved, the character is granted the special ability "Nanmu", which allows the player to dash forward and perform a combo specific to their scroll.

Game modesEdit

Battle modeEdit

As an individual or a team, players are given two minutes to fight with one another. Points are awarded at the end of each round, and are based on performance in battle. The team or player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner. In a game involving more than two players, various bonuses may be given to players if they have fulfilled certain conditions during battle.[6]

Rumble modeEdit

Template:Prose Unlike Battle Mode, which primarily focuses on fighting, Rumble Mode adds several dynamics to gameplay.


Players are provided with a rather confined area in which to fight, and are given an unlimited amount of lives. In this mode, the objective is to defeat the most opponents within the time limit. Once a character is defeated, he or she will automatically respawn elsewhere in the area. This continues until the time limit is reached.

Caged Beast

All players start the round with half HP. The round begins by having two opposing players placed in the center of the arena. All other players are left in cages, watching the fight between these two players. When one of the players fighting in the initial 1-on-1 is defeated, a player on their team is released from the cage, replacing their teammate's position in battle. This continues until the time limit reaches 60 seconds, at which point all remaining cages are broken, thus setting all players free and beginning a battle in which all remaining players are involved.

King of the Hill

This mode may be played in teams, or as a free-for-all. All players are given 2 minutes to reach the top of a given hill, trying to stay on its peak for as long as possible. At set intervals, a small flag is given to the player that is on top of a hill. When a player has two small flags and obtains another one these three are replaced with one big flag. The team or player with the most flags win.

Moving Screen

Unlike Battle Mode, the arenas offered in Moving Screen are continuously moving in a single direction. If a player cannot keep up or goes too quickly, the player will fall off the screen, consequently resulting in defeat. Once the time limit reaches a certain point, the arena will cease to move, leaving players to fight within the remaining time.

Potion Battle

This mode may be played in teams, or as a free-for-all. Principally, the objective is to fend opposing players from a blue bottle, while consuming its contents. When a bottle spawns in an arena, an arrow appears to indicate the bottle's position relative to the player. Once a player reaches the bottle, they may pick it up by pressing their assigned punch button, thus causing the arrow to disappear. They can then press it once more to drink it, and during the time interval, the opposing players may knock the drinking player and get the bottle. The player who drinks the most bottles is declared the winner.

Boss Mode

This mode allows a team of one to three players to team up to fight against waves of NPC monsters and eventually a boss at the end of the mode. The team works its way through areas of monsters and are only allowed to move on to the next area when all the monsters in the current area are defeated. There are different difficulty levels, as it gets harder, more monsters spawn and do more damage, special monsters might also only appear in harder difficulties. Playing in harder difficulties yields better rewards. Winning boss mode requires the players to defeat the boss within the time limit.

Zombie Mode

This mode allows only one player to fight endless zombies. The only way to end the mode is by getting killed or by time running out.


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