Chat Colors & Effects

Chat is the most common form of communication in Runescape. Everyone knows how to chat, of course, however not every body knows that they can alter the way in which their text is presented. Runescape allows you to change not only the color, but the 'transition' effect of your text. The use of this can not only be good for comedic value, but is essential in advertisement in its ability to stand out amongst all the rest. The format of font is simple; simply add the command before your text, entering your desired text after the ':'.

Chat Color

  • If you decide to chat without colour, the default will be yellow.

  • However, by use of "red:" you can make your text a nice bright red, the symbolism of power, anger and blood.

  • The use of "green:" provides a bright green, the color of envy.

  • "purple:" makes text a rich purple.

  • With the code "cyan:" we get a nice light cyan. Be sure to remember this instead of the traditional blue.

  • Finally, "white:" displays text as a pure white. Text for this is not an example, of course, as that would mean making the text invisible to most users.

To recap:

  • {No Color}

  • Red:

  • Green:

  • Purple:

  • Cyan:

  • White: (Background White)


Effects provide your text a transition effect. The first series are basic, and they can be mixed with colors to color and transition your text.

  • Scroll: Transition text scrolling from left to right.
  • Shake: Transition text shaking up and down.
  • Slide: Transition text sliding in to view.
  • Wave: Transition text waves up and down.
  • Wave2: Transition text waves up and down, at a slower rate.

The more advanced transitions can not be used in conjunction with colors, simply because they incorporate color already.

  • Flash1: Transition text flashes from red to yellow.
  • Flash2: Transition text flashes from blue to cyan.
  • Flash3: Transition text flashes from green to a lighter green.
  • Glow1: Transition text slowly fades from red to blue.
  • Glow2: Transition text slowly fades from red to purple to blue.
  • Glow3: Transition text slowly fades from white to green to blue.

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