SD F-1 Grand Prix (SD F-1グランプリ?, "Super Deformed F-1 Grand Prix")[5] is a Japan-only spin-off of the F1 Grand Prix series developed for the Super Famicom by Video System.


The player gets to control cute and cuddly cartoon animals (bear, rabbit, tortoise, etc.) in cutesy race tracks inspired by real life Formula One race tracks in a cutesy alternate universe. An exception to this rule would be the U.S. oval track (that looks like Daytona International Speedway sans the spectator booths and a lane for pit stops). There is a Crash Race mode which is similar to the race tracks on Super Mario Kart, a GP Racing mode where you get to race all the tracks one-at-a-time for points in order to get a gold, silver, or bronze trophy, and a Time Trial mode where the player gets to race against the clock. A duo of Japanese race reporters (assuming them to be the caricatures of the then-current Fuji Television announcers) perform the play-by-play of the race in both written and spoken Japanese to the tune of dreamy J-pop instrumental music.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for this game was 10,900 yen on its original release ($117.86 in American dollars).[6]



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