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Sega AM3 is a division of Japanese video game developer Sega Corporation. The development team has produced some popular arcade game and video games, including Virtual On, NASCAR Arcade, Crazy Taxi, Astro Boy: Omega Factor (along with Treasure), Virtua Tennis, and the Initial D Arcade Stage series.


In 2000, as a part of a restructuring of Sega, they were renamed Hitmaker. Later in 2004, they were merged back with the other "AM teams" into Sega and have since then reverted back to their old name of Sega AM3.

Sega Rosso

Sega Rosso is the name of a former development studio from Sega, formerly known as AM5, some of its staff came from Namco, where they helped create the original Ridge Racer. In 2003, Merged with Hitmaker, now shut down.


Games developed as AM3

Games developed as Hitmaker

Games developed as AM5

Games developed as Sega Rosso

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