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Sega Wow is a Sega video game company, which resulted from the merger of Wow Entertainment and Overworks.


Wow Entertainment

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Wow Entertainment was a 2nd party Sega company previously known as AM1. They are most famous for the House of the Dead series and Vampire Night light gun games. They are also known for role-playing games such as Candy Stripe. In 2004, Wow merged with Overworks (another SEGA held division) to form Sega WOW. Another notable title is the Gran Turismo-like game Sega GT 2002.


Overworks (previously called AM7 / Team Shinobi) was the Sega video game development group responsible for series like Skies of Arcadia, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Sakura Wars, and Phantasy Star. In 2004, Overworks was merged with Sega's Wow Entertainment division, best known for the House of the Dead series, to form Sega WOW.
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Games developed as AM1

Games developed as Wow Entertainment

Games developed as AM7 / Team Shinobi

Games developed as Overworks

Games developed as Sega Wow Overworks

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