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The name SMIRF is an acronym for "Strategiespielprogramm mit intelligent rückkoppelnden Funktionen" (German for "Strategic Game Program With Intelligent Recursing Facilities"). It designates an appropriate innovative variant of an adaptive recursive feedback implementation. The procedure cuts the to be evaluated search tree effectively both in the depth and in the width. Thus, this approach is associated with artificial intelligence. To provide a program for the game of chess as efficient as possible is a touchstone of the artificial intelligence. The creation of such software is a goal of the SMIRF project.

Chess Variants

All 960 variants upon the 8x8 board using FRC pieces and the select 12,000+ variants upon the 10x8 board using CRC pieces are supported.

Provided Games Upon The 8x8 Board

Provided Games Upon The 10x8 Board

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