[1][2]The game's setting features new districts and islands, such as the Stilwater Penitentiary.Saints Row 2 is set in the fictional city of Stilwater. The city consists of forty-five neighborhoods divided into twenty districts. The city is roughly 145% larger than it was in the original Saints Row; this is explained as being the result of it having been rebuilt after a devastating earthquake. The new Stilwater includes a much larger airport, a prison island, a nuclear power plant island and a few more mild extensions.[25] Game developers stated that the city has very much been redeveloped and each individual neighborhood has been touched up in one way or another.[51] According to the storyline, the in-game corporation Ultor spent more than three-hundred million dollars redeveloping the city,[25] funding the police force turning and, as it states, turned the "once crime-ridden third-tier city" into an "urban utopia". The Saints Row district is a more notable change within the city, having been completely redesigned and serving as the location of Ultor's headquarters; a towering skyscraper referred to as the Phillips Building.[52] Many old districts from the earlier revision of Stilwater have also seen changes. Examples include the expansion taken place on the Suburbs district, which is double the size of its depiction in Saints Row and the Museum district, which features the Eramenos Ancient Greek museum exhibit, complete with models of the Acropolis of Athens and Theatre of Dionysus.[53] There are also several completely new districts, such as the Marina and the University.[51]

From the beginning of the game, the map of Stilwater is fully visible. However, shops and activities will simply be displayed as a question mark until the player discovers them. By completing missions and wiping out enemy strongholds the player gains control of the various neighborhoods the city is split into. There are over 130 interiors within the city, and hidden events can be triggered by some,[18] including over ninety shops which can be purchased when the player controls each shops' associated territory.[27] The player gets a 10% discount at owned stores and buying an entire chain of departments will mean that the protagonist's face appears on in-game billboard advertisements.[27] The game shares technology with that of Red Faction: Guerrilla, another Volition-developed game and so certain elements of the environment are fully destructible.[17] A number of Easter eggs are placed within the sandbox, including the pop-out Easter Bunny which won "Top Easter Egg of 2008".[54]


After the explosion on the Hughes' yacht at the end of Saints Row, the player awakes from a coma in a hospital ward of Stilwater Penitentiary, having received extensive plastic surgery. The player meets inmate Carlos Mendoza, who has had himself stabbed in order to meet them. Carlos reveals that his brother was in the Saints, and the pair escape the island together. Upon returning to the Stilwater mainland, the protagonist discovers that it has been completely rebuilt by the Ultor Corporation after a devastating earthquake years ago.

The player arrives at a local bar where the news states that Johnny Gat is in court and that he is going to be put on death row, and that Troy Bradshaw, from the last game, was an undercover cop and is now chief of police. The player rescues Gat from the courthouse, establishes a new base of operation and enlists three new lieutenants: Carlos, Shaundi (Eliza Dushku), and Pierce Washington, and begins to rebuild the divided Third Street Saints gang.[20] The player, now referred to as the Boss for most of the game, leads the Saints in retaking city with Gat as second-in-command. The main storyline is divided into three separate story mission arcs, which may be completed at any time and in any order.[53]

In the Brotherhood act, the Boss and Carlos meet with Maero, leader of the Brotherhood of Stilwater in the Underground Caverns. However, police discover the meeting and the three are forced to shoot their way to safety. Despite working together against the police, the Boss becomes enraged at Maero's offer of a 20/80 split of profits between the Saints and the Brotherhood. This sparks a feud between the Saints and the Brotherhood, and the Boss shakes Brotherhood mechanic Donnie, a former Westside Roller (a rival gang from the first Saints Row) to rig the gang's trucks and also burns Maero's face by poisoning his tattoo ink with radioactive waste. The Brotherhood retaliate by kidnapping and brutally torturing Carlos by dragging him behind a truck, forcing the Boss to euthanize him. The Boss exacts revenge by kidnapping Maero's girlfriend Jessica, and arranges for her to be inadvertently killed by Maero in a monster truck rally. After interrogating and crippling Maero's tattoo artist Matt at a concert, the Boss begins to uncover information about the large weapons shipment. Maero angrily confronts Dane Vogel (Jay Mohr), CEO of the Ultor Corporation, demanding the release of arrested Brotherhood members. Although freed, the prisoners' buses are intercepted and destroyed by the Saints and Vogel dissolves further ties with the Brotherhood. The Boss intercepts the shipment and launches an attack on the crippled Brotherhood's hideout. The assault is successful and the Boss kills Matt with a brick, but Maero flees to the Ultor Stadium in a last-ditch attempt to ambush the Saints leader. The Boss survives the ambush and successfully kills Maero [53]

In the Sons of Samedi act, Shaundi begins to gather information on the Haitian Sons of Samedi gang, and learns of their illegal drug trade. The Saints then target various assets in the production of the 'Loa Dust' drug. The leaders of the Samedi, known as the General and Mr. Sunshine, order their lieutenant Veteran Child (Neil Patrick Harris) to kill his former girlfriend Shaundi, who had passed the information to the Boss. Although Veteran Child succeeds in kidnapping her, the Boss kills him and saves Shaundi. The General then kidnaps and drugs the Boss and orders an attack on the Saints, but the Boss escapes and the Saints are able to hold off the attack. Through tips from an addict, the Boss uncovers Mr. Sunshine's hiding place, a meat-packing plant, and the Boss kills him there, decapitating him and tossing his head along with an assembly line. The Saints then co-ordinate an attack on the General's convoy and kill him in the mall as he flees.[53]

In the Ronin act, Johnny and Pierce assist the Boss to take down the Japanese Ronin gang, they decide to rob a Ronin owned casino. However, they end up stealing money from Ultor, who are under Ronin protection, and Vogel demands that action be taken against the Saints. Leader Shogo Akuji orders an attack on Johnny and his girlfriend, retired R&B singer Aisha; the result is Aisha sacrificing her own life to warn her boyfriend of an ambush, and Ronin second-in-command Jyunichi stabbing Gat, hospitalizing him. Shogo's father and international Ronin leader Kazuo Akuji arrives in Stilwater and takes over, demoting Shogo to lieutenant. After Jyunichi is killed in a sword fight face-off with the Boss and the Ronin's hotel is hit, Kazuo disowns his son and shows regret at giving him power over the Ronin. At Aisha's funeral, Shogo attacks Johnny and the Boss but is buried alive after being captured. Kazuo threatens the Boss' longtime friend and leader of the Triads gang, Mr. Wong and is killed by the Boss during a Chinese New Year's celebration, being burned to death.[53]

In the aftermath, Dane Vogel uses the Saints' overthrow of the city to stage a coup d'état within Ultor, tricking the Boss into killing the rest of the board. However, when Vogel attempts to take control of Ultor, the Saints stage an assassination attempt at a press conference. After fleeing to safety in the Philips Building, Vogel is met face-to-face by the Boss, who shoots him in the mouth, killing him instantly, crippling the Ultor Corporation and ensuring the city under the Saints' control. Wiretap conversations reveal that one of the surviving members of the old Saints, Dexter Jackson took up a job offer with Ultor, and that former Saints' leader Julius Little planted the bomb from the original game's climax hoping to kill the Boss and let the Saints dissolve, through threats from undercover cop Troy Bradshaw. A mission becomes available and the Boss contacts Dex, who tells the Boss to meet him at the old Saints' church. Upon arrival, the Boss finds Julius, who was also told by Dex to meet there. The two are ambushed by the Ultor Masako Team and are forced to flee. Julius and the Boss drive around the city while being chased by Masako APCs, until they crash in the Amphitheater. The Boss then shoots Julius in the chest. Shocked, Julius explains that the Saints never solved a thing, having become the same as the gangs they had been fighting. The Boss then takes revenge by shooting Julius in the head.[53]

Characters and Gangs

Third Street Saints

Although the symbol and the gang color are still the same, the crew has changed. The player is now the leader of the Saints, Johnny Gat is the second-in-command, and Carlos Mendoza, Shaundi, and Pierce Washington are the new lieutenants. Since the church has been remodeled, the Saints meet up in the old underground hotel below the mission house, which has been buried by the earthquake. Eventually, they rebuild the hotel in their private bordello and lounge.

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood are led by Maero, a 7 foot tall muscular tattooed man. Their gang color is red, and their symbol is the red wolf. The gang is primarily composed of Caucasians with some Hispanics and African-Americans. They wear piercings and tattoos, drive in huge trucks and listen to rock and heavy metal music. Maero's lieutenants are his girlfriend Jessica Parrish and his tattoo artist Matt who also is a lead singer for a heavy metal band called the Feed Dogs. Donnie, former Westside Rollerz member, serves as Maero's personal mechanic for his monster truck. The Brotherhood operate on the industrial area (previously owned by Los Carnales) of the city and also the airport, with their hideout being few warehouses on the docks. The Brotherhood specialized in gun running and extortion.

The Sons of Samedi

The Sons of Samedi are a Haitian gang in Stillwater, named after the Haitian lord of the dead. Their leader is called the General, and his lieutenants are Mr. Sunshine, a psychotic voodoo priest and serial killer, and Veteran Child, a platinum-certified DJ, whose club is financed by the General. Although the Samedi's have several safehouses around the commercial south area of the Stillwater, The General usually operates from his custom-built limo. The Samedi's gang color is green with a voodoo symbol, they are composed of Haitians, African-Americans, and Caucasians, and listen to reggae music. They usually drive 70's lowriders and muscle cars. The Sons of Samedi are specialized in the drug trade, producing the fictional drug Loa Dust and selling it around Stilwater University.

The Ronin

The Ronin are a Japanese gang whose color is yellow and whose symbol is a dragon, being primarily composed of Asian-Americans, with some Caucasians, and African-Americans. Their leader is Shogo Akuji, and his lieutenant is Jyunichi, second-in command and enforcer. Their international leader is Kazuo Akuji, Shogo's father. They reside in the suburban area of Stilwater, and they listen to techno music. They are specialized in illegal entertainment of gambling, prostitution, and pornography. They drive Japanese sport-bikes and imports, similar to the Westside Rollerz in the original Saint's Row.


3rd Street Saints The Third Street Saints were scattered after the events of Saints Row. Eventually, Protagonist along with Carlos, escaped from the prison island where he was being held captive, and formed together a new crew of Saints to fight against the new gangs in power over Stilwater.

Johnny Gat

Johnny has returned in Saints Row 2 to bring back the Saints to their former glory. The protagonist helps Johnny escape from a courtroom precession that would otherwise see him to the electric chair, under charge for over three-hundred murders. Johnny was one of the lieutenants in Saints Row and always stayed loyal to the 3rd street Saints. He is the main Saints enforcer and he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He and the protagonist continue in their quest for revenge against those who have betrayed them.

In the first game, Johnny showed a violent nature and love for weapons that has extended into the second, as he is seen numerous times carrying a light machine gun instead of standard armaments. Johnny Gatt is believed to play a big part in helping the main character take down the Ronin.


Shaundi is one of the new lieutenants for the Saints. She wears a Grey tank top and her hair is tied into dreadlocks. Little information about her, besides her name and appearance and that she is the Saint assigned to take down the Sons of Samedi. She seems to take on a sarcastic, dry behavior, much like Lin, as she smashes a bottle full of Loa Dust on a banister right next to the protagonist's head before explaining what it is.


Introduced in: "Jailbreak"

Carlos helped the protagonist escape from the prison island in the first mission Jailbreak. While speaking with the protagonist, he also reveals that his brother was in the Saints. After they escape, Carlos quickly fills the role of a lieutenant for the Saints. Carlos also helps the protagonist save Johnny from the courthouse, and also appears to be the lieutenant assigned to bring down the Brotherhood. During the Brotherhood missions, Jessica informs the Protagonist that they kidnapped Carlos and when the Protagonist finds Carlos, he is in a real bad state. The Protagonist tries to free him from the chain but fails and holds Carlos' hand as he shoots him in the head to put him out of his misery (i.e. Euthanasia)


Pierce is a lieutenant for the Saints in charge of dealing with the Ronin gang. Unlike Johnny, Pierce seems to think things through instead of rushing into the scene. He has a more airy personality like Dex.


Aisha is still dating Johnny Gat and they share an apartment together. She is killed by Jyunichi during the Ronin Missions.

Aisha is voiced by Sy Smith.

Brotherhood of Stilwater

The Brotherhood of Stilwater are one of the rival gangs confirmed to appear in the upcoming Saints Row 2. Their "gang flag" color will be red (the former color of Los Carnales whose name in Spanish also roughly translates to "brotherhood") and they are reported to specialize in violent crime and extortion. They will be one of the more brutal gangs in Stilwater and appear to draw their inspiration from infamous one percenter biker gangs such as the Hells Angels, the Pagans, the Outlaws, and the Bandidos, as well as the Aryan Brotherhood. It is humorous to note that this gang could not have existed in the previous Saints Row title because the only vehicles available for use in that game were cars and pick-up trucks. They also appear to have the same style of vests to the fictitous gang The Warriors. The Brotherhood have been described as the most destructive and powerful gang in Saints Row 2. They have also been described to have connections with former members of the Carnales gang, who were in power during the events in Saints Row.


Maero is the Brotherhood leader. Maero towers over everyone he meets. Not only is he tall, but he packs an unbelievable amount of muscle, and is covered in tattoos, all of which relate to the brotherhood gang. Maero is seen as a violent thug, who seems to threaten the protagonist often, but still seems to have a grudging respect for him. He is the one to meet with Dane Vogel to release his boy's out of prison to help take out the Saints. Unlike the other leaders, Maero is a violent man, straightforward, blunt, and confrontational with his tactics, but still cunning in the predatory sense, such as luring the protagonist, alone, into the Ultor arena filled with him, a few of his gang members, and all their vehicles and his monster truck. His girlfriend is a Brotherhood lieutenant by the name of Jessica.


Donnie will be returning in Saints Row 2. It appears that Donnie joined the Brotherhood after the fall of the Westside Rollerz in Saints Row and believes the protagonist is responsible for Lin's death and to get revenge for the death of his best friend Joseph Price, the leader of the Rollerz in Saints Row. For some strange reason Donnie is the only Westside Roller that joined The Brotherhood, while many of the others joined the Ronin. Donnie's choice of career, however, may have been the wrong one, as he appears to be a lower class member, not like the lieutenant he was in the Rollerz, and Maero seems to have taken an extreme dislike to him.


It seems that a Brotherhood of Stilwater lieutenant goes by the name of Matt and is Maero's right hand man. He is seen giving Maero a tattoo in the Saints Gang Video. In the Brotherhood trailer, the protagonist is seen briefly fighting with Matt on a stage, smashing his head with a high hat stand and an electric guitar.


A rich girl who ran off with her "lower class" boyfriend, Jessica gave up a life of comfort to be with her man. Because she is Maero's girlfriend, Jessica definitely has an influence on the activities of The Brotherhood. Jessica and Maero have somewhat the same relationship as Donnie and Price who were both best friends. She is killed when Maero who is unaware that she is in the boot of her car is flattened by Maero's Monster Truck in the Stilwater University Arena


The Ronin is an Asian gang confirmed to appear in Saints Row 2. Their "gang flag" color will be yellow and their specialty rackets will be control of the gambling and prostitution that occurs in Stilwater. They seem to fill the power void in control of sin crimes created by the destruction of the Vice Kings by the 3rd Street Saints. The Ronins are also the "Buyers" mentioned in the Rollerz story of Saints Row. The Ronin are also stated to be the most powerful yakuza in the world. There is now a trailer released about this gang.

The Ronin are like a biker version of the Yakuza, with deeply held traditions and honor above all else. Each gang member is given a katana to wield in close combat. They are, however, still extremely skilled with firearms.

Akuji San

An Asian man in a grey suit with a yellow tie. He came to Stilwater to become the mentor on teaching Shogo how to be a better leader to his gang. It is much like the relationship between William Sharp and Joseph Price from the first Saints Row. He is the father of Shogo. He and his son Shogo are the ones who met with Dane Vogel.  

Shogo Akuji

Shogo is the leader of the Ronin in Stilwater. Mr. Akuji San, the leader of the Ronin, in their homeland has come to teach Shogo how to be a proper leader and also came to Stilwater to clean up after the Rollerz were defeated. Some of their members are former Rollerz members excluding Donnie who for unknown reasons joined the Brotherhood. He is the son of Mr. Akuji San. He attempts to kill Johnny Gat and the Protagonist at Aisha's Funeral where Gat tells Shogo to go as he does not want to fight him at Aisha's Funeral, however, Shogo and some of the Ronin attack Gat and the Protagonist. He eventually dies when Gat throws him into a coffin and gives him a "Texas Funeral" (Buried alive)


Kazua is the Ronin's main enforcer. Little else is known about him


Jyunichi is a lieutenant for the Ronin. He is a bald head lieutenant for ronin. He is also seen fighting with Johnny Gat in Gat and Aisha's house in the Suburbs District, he is also seen talking to Kazua about Akuji San coming to Stilwater to teach Shogo how to lead. He is killed by the Protagonist in Kanto on the border with Harrogate (Saints Row District) and Rebadeaux (Red Light District)

Sons of Samedi

The Sons of Samedi are the third rival gang confirmed to appear in Saints Row 2. Their "gang flag" color will be green and the Sons of Samedi are reported to usurp control the drug trafficking business from the Saints dealing their drug Loa dust. The Sons of Samedi are an Afro-Caribbean gang akin to the "Jamaican voodoo posse" found in the movie Predator 2 which in turn was based on actual Afro-Caribbean criminal organizations that terrorized New York City in the mid 80's to late 90's. There is now a trailer released about this gang. The Samedis are simply an expansion of a larger Jamaican drug ring into America, similar to the Carnales and the Columbians in the first game.

Like the Carnales, the Sons seem to have worldwide connections, bringing in ex-military men and other experienced thugs to Stilwater, while also utilizing the same straightforward attitude, such as abducting the protagonist to attempt to assassinate him in the General's hearse.

Mr. Sunshine

Not much information is known about him except his name, the fact that he seems to be the General's right hand man and his brutality proven when he hits someone in the back with his machete in a music store for no reason other than to clear the place out. He also shoots a drug addict who mentions purchasing the drug shipment which the 3rd Street Saints have stolen. He also control's Sons of Samedi's drug trafficking business.

The General

The leader of the Sons of Samedi and is clad in a white suit with a green dress shirt. Not much is known about him except his alias and that he is a very violent yet cunning man. He appears to be African, as well as a cool-tempered yet easily irritated person. He drives around in a modified green hearse with a personal armory in the back.

DJ Veteran Child

DJ Veteran Child is an absent minded lieutenant working for the Sons of Samedi. A DJ for one of Stilwater’s radio stations, VC got involved with the SoS mostly because of the free drugs. However, the closer he gets to the gangs leadership he realizes that he has gotten in way over his head. A former boyfriend of Shaundi, Veteran Child has the same stoner and laissez-fare attitude that she has.

Ultor Corporation

The Ultor Corporation were a Corporation that appeared in the first game (name of the Arena, a pair of sunglasses, etc.) but have grown since the protagonist was in a comatose, and have helped rebuild the broken Stilwater. The corporation is managed by Dane Vogel and his group. Headquarters of the group are situated high in the sky above Stilwater, towering above the other buildings in the Downtown area. Ultor have been described as having connections with the three gangs in power over Stilwater, determined to make sure the Saints cannot rise to power, again. Things go out of control, however, as shown when Maero bursts into Vogel's office, grabs him by the throat, suspends him from the window, and forces him to help him utterly destroy the Saints.

Dane Vogel

Vogel is Chief Executive Officer for the Ultor Unlimited corporation. Vogel's objective was to destroy the 3rd Street Saints gang, and turn the Saints Row neighborhood into an urban utopia. Vogel is considered the main enemy for the Saints. Dane Vogel is the one who is giving any help to the other three gangs as long as they rid of the Saints. He even releases members of the Brotherhood out of prison for extra support for the other three gangs, as well as springing members of the gangs themselves. He also grew up in the Saints Row district near the church.

Police Chief Troy Bradshaw

Troy was once an undercover detective, who joined the Saints in an attempt to undermine them, with connections with then-mayor Marshall Winslow, and then-police chief Monroe. After the events of Saints Row, he rises through the ranks and finds himself Police Chief, after the demise of Monroe. Unlike Monroe, though, Troy appears to not be as corrupted, as he takes a strange view when several Brotherhood members are released from prison on Maero's order.

Other characters


Anna is a talk show host, similar to Oprah Winfrey


Dex works for ultor and you can get his cell number and he says he will meet you at the church but instead sends ultor police.

Jane Valdarama

Ms. Jane Valdarama is a news reporter, who seems to play a key role in the story of Saints Row 2, interviewing and reporting on various public figures etc.

Julius Little

Julius Little was the original leader of the Saints, but has since gone into hiding. It seems he is one of the many responsible for the yacht explosion and is now wanted dead by the protagonist. He appears in Saints Row 2 in a hidden mission.

Legal Lee

Legal Lee has a confirmed return for Saints Row 2, acting as Johnny Gat's lawyer during his courtroom precession.

Mr. Wong

Mr. Wong (full name Wong Sheng Tai) is an old Chinese businessman who the player worked for and befriended in Saints Row. He and his associate have joined the Saints as unofficial members to help them in their rise to power, and to help get the Ronin out of Stilwater.


Tobias is a drug dealer, first seen in Saints Row. The protagonist first met Tobias by riding shotgun with him as he made rounds in Stilwater, selling narcotics to customers. He is helping Shaundi and the Saints to bring down the Sons of Samedi's drug trafficking business, and take the business for themselves.

Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson is a lawyer, who appears to be in great rivalry with Jane Valderama. Jane describes Zach as self-confident and arrogant. Not much else is known about him. It is rumored he is in Ultor.

You see what they did there? Zach Johnson is a parody of former Florida lawyer and anti games crusader, Jack Thompson.