Starting out, you see a cutscene with 2 guards that found out you have woken up from a long coma and come down to see you after the bandages come off. The guy next to you tells you he came in to help bust you out of the prison and you will need his help to get out.

Jailbreak Your first objective is to kill the doctor. It shows you how to punch and defend and after a few shots he is done. From here, it tells you to Play the tutorial (if you are new, I recommend this) or bust out the front (for players familiar with the game) If you choose the tutorial, it will take you to a door and depending on your choice you have to follow one of these courses of action. Tutorial- Walk out the door and take down the 2 cops, you can grab their nightsticks for a handy melee weapon. After taking them out, go around the corner following Carlos through the light portals. Follow the pipes, learning how to duck and jump. Once you get to the roof, kill the guard and grab the gun for a weapon. Now head across the roof and towards the stairs, then go down them as the police helicopter spots you and starts shooting at you, just continue down the stairs. Once you get down the stairs totally start running towards the dock. You can grab a car and drive through or just wing it and run. You have to keep Carlos with you, so you can't go too fast, keep an eye on him. You can also opt once you get down the stairs to turn around and go down the small staircase here and get past the cart and shoot the barrel in front of the gate to get out. Jump in the water and swim to the boat. Otherwise you are faced with an army of cops to get through. From here the 2 methods merge so see below. Bust out the front- Go through the doors and the alarm goes off. Grab some weapons from the defeated guards to equip yourself. Head through the gate the cops came from and up the stairs and knock off more cops. There are a bunch of weapons behind the door here. Now go back to the where you started and head out the door. Once outside, more guards show up and a chopper aims down from the sky. Continue towards the exit and head out and to the house with the gates in front of you. Go to the back of the house and exit via the side gate. Head towards the dock, break open the gate and continue with the next part of the mission. Now that you made it to the boat, Carlos is driving and you are manning the gun. You need to shoot the police boats following you and a few choppers as you break towards freedom. This isn't hard at all and should be easy enough with plently of life on the boat and unlimited ammo. Once you reach the docks Carlos tells you to catch up on things and lay low for now and you complete this mission, granting you $500.

Appointed Defender After stepping in the purple circle to trigger the mission, it tells you to head to Sloppy Seconds to get a new outfit. Follow the teal GPS route to the store and walk in and stop on the shopping cart. Select some new duds and pay for them, then head over to Tee Nay Ah to see the cutscene about Johnny Gat on trial. You have 4 minutes to get out of the bar and to the courthouse. It only takes about a minute to get to the courthouse once you get out of the bar, but do make a swift arrival. Once you get to the courthouse walk up the steps and in the building. The timer stops now, so take your time. Walk in and head up the stairs on the left, turn right at the top of the stairs, and then right again, past the cop and reporter till you hit the marker. Once you do, a cutscene ensues and you burst through the door and have to get Johnny Gat out of the courthouse. Shoot the cops as you proceed back out the door, make sure your health is not gone and pick up weapons as you go, once you get out the door, get in one of the Five-Os or the SWAT van and head to "Forgive and Forget" which clears your police notoriety for a price, and then drive Johnny Gat home to complete the mission. Your reward is $500, and the Red Light Crib. This also unlocks activities.

Down Payment After triggering the mission, you need to find a place to set up shop. Head to the mansion with Johnny Gat and pull to the marker. Walk in and start heading downstairs. Once you get to to an opening on a balcony, you will face 14 or 15 of the Sons of Samedi shown as red markers on the map. Take them out one by one from your balcony perch before heading down. After clearing them out head into the next room and begin destroying the shanties. You can toss bums into them, smash them with bats or other items on the ground till they are all gone. The bums will keep coming till they are all done. After finishing them, you have to take out some leftover bums before you can finish this mission off. Once you do, you gain a neighborhood (Old Stilwater), $500 a day in revenue, and a hideout.

Three Kings Now you need a gang, so you need to get recruiting, get into a vehicle and head over to the suburbs. You need to recruit 3 people and can head to the green blips in any order. Shaundi- You have to hit 3 jumps to appease and recruit her, one is a unique stunt jump. Carlos- Head to the garage and he is waiting with a tow truck and a repo job as his friend owes him money. Head to the marker in the cemetary and hook up the hearse (this will give you police notoriety) and you need to get back to Rim Jobs. The hearse really screws with the steering so watch your cornering and speed. Once you arrive back safely with the car in tow and it hasn't blown up back it into the portal and you will get Carlos on your side. Pierce- the last of the Kings in your army, he wants you to take out some Ronin. There are a few groups of them to take down, note your gang notoriety as well as you do this mission to keep it to a minimum. After getting all 3 on your gang, this mission is over and you can move on to bigger and better things, namely the story missions of each gang. You also pick up $1,000 and the ability to recuit one homie.

Sons of Samedi

Got Dust, Will Travel Apparently Loa Dust is something that is very profitable at Stilwater U and you want to get your hands on it to nix the Samedi income and make some for yourself. Head to the University and listen to Shaundi warning you about the dangerous nature of the Samedi. Follow the GPS to the dealers and kill them and pick up the 2 stashes of dust. There will be one package as you go down the stairs out on the plaza and the other is in the parking lot, take down them one by one quickly to prevent more from showing up to protect them. Once you finish them off, you will get a call from Shaundi about a Mr Gabby, who makes a good deal of cash, who you need to take out. Get yourself a decent vehicle, if there is nothing handy, take whatever you can as his vehicle isn't fast. Try to either PIT manuever his vehicle or shoot it up, a headshot to the driver will end the chase and make life a whole lot easier. If you fall out of the chase, you only have 30 seconds to get back in or fail the mission. Once you finish off the vehicle, pick up the last package and head towards Shaundi. You will have 2 gang notoriety till you meet her though, so watch your tail. After you arrive, you see a cinematic about one of the Samedi not being too happy about some missing cash from his normal take. Completing this mission will give you $1,000 and the Front Row neighborhood.

File in the Cake So Shaundi needs some help with the formula for the Loa Dust but knows someone who can help, but she's in the slammer. A fellow associate has hooked you up with a bomb to plant, but accidentally started the timer already. You have 4 minutes to get to the prison so floor it, it should take less than 2 minutes to get there. Walk up the dock through the tunnel, take down the guard and head up the stairs. Once you kick in the door, plant the bomb and clear out of the area to prevent being blown up. Once the bomb blows, you will get two levels of police notoriety, so you need to head up to the prison now. Grab one of the cruisers the cops swarm in (there should be one just as you walk up the stairs outside), pop the cops in it and drive up to the front gates, drive right in them and to the steps. Pop the 2 cops after walking up the first set of stairs and then the 2 by the door. As you walk in and through the first gate, you see 2 officers (barely) through the bars, nail them before proceeding through. After that, head towards the riot you see with the prisoners and guards fighting. Take down the cops here and go through the door at the back left. Up the stairs 2 floors to the third floor where you see 2 or 3 guards. Shoot them from the bottom of the steps before going up, then follow the winding twists and turns taking down the 4 guards. After doing so meet up with Laura. Now you have to escape. Head back the way you came, there are commonly guards at the stairs, so look before you go barrelling down. Once you make it outside go through the double gates and on your right you will see a helicopter pad. Make sure you don't lose Laura and head to the chopper. After doing so, fly back to Laura's place so she can reuinite with her husband before she figures out what's in the Loa Dust. This mission rewards you with $1,500 and the Pilsen hood.

Airborne Assault Now Shaundi remembers where the drug farm is and as you start to come up with a plan of attack and Laura mentions her husband's piloting ability. As you approach the farm you will see all the equipment as large red triangles on the map. Use the machine gun to take them out as the chopper circles the farm. It is a little hard to target things sometimes as there are objects in the way as well as you circle. There are also Samedi on the ground with rocket launchers shooting at you, so if you take them out, it will make life much easier. There are about 6 pieces of farm equipment to take down and once you do, you face more Samedi taking off from the scene as the fields are ablaze. There should be 4 cars worth of them, so do your best to shoot out the ones gunning at you first and then take out the cars one by one. You do have to watch your choppers health the whole time, as eventually you will fail the mission if the chopper goes down. After the mission ends, you see a cutscene of the Samedi questioning veteran child about why the farm just blew sky high and threatens his life if it isn't resolved promptly. You score $2,000, the Pleasant View Neighborhood, the News Helicopter at your pad, and Tobias as a homie.

Veteran Child Veteran Child comes into the Saints Row crib and takes Shaundi as a hostage and a shootout ensues. After a fixture crashes down and knocks you out, you come to and Veteran Childs calls you to come find him at the club "Cocks". Head over there and walk in. You will see a bunch of red blips on the radar. There are 3 or 4 visible from your entrance and then head deeper in, there is one on a balcony, and 2 or 3 deep in the darkness. Take them down one by one and if need be, head outside to regain health. Once you eliminate all of them, you will get a call from your Lieutenant Pierce telling you that Veteran Child could be at a club called On Track. As you begin to drive over there, you will notice you have a gang notoriety of 3 and it will not go away till this mission ends. You will struggle to get to the club, so if your ride is taking heat, don't hesitate to grab a new one or even a Samedi ride to get to the new location. Once you arrive go through the door and face 4 Samedi on the main floor. You want to get to the blue halo, but take out everyone before heading down. Once opening the door to the lower level, there are 3 samedi here and one has a machine gun. Take them down quick before continuing and once you get to the next level, there should be another 6 or 7 samedi. Look around and pop them and head to the other side and then down the last set of stairs. The hardest part of this mission is here. You face Veteran Child with Shaundi as a hostage. You cannot shoot him while he holds her as you will fail the mission by killing her. There is a life bar up top for both. You are supposed to use the flashbang grenades in front of the columns at the corners and throw them to disorient him, get in a few quick shots from an accurate weapon. Pick up another and continue till he dies. As you are doing this you will face more samedi coming fron the stairs, so keep an eye on it. You may want to call in a homie for this mission as you could really use the help. Defeating him will give you $2,500.

Burning Down the House Apparently the Sons of Samedi are setting up locations around town and you got some tips as to the locations. Follow the GPS to the first one and drive along the front to take out the guards waiting for you. Get out of the car and head in. You will only face about 3 or 4 guards, and look in to the left room where you see the tank you need to shoot. Stay away from it and shoot it as it has a small explosion range that may kill you if you are close. Now your gang notoriety boosts to 2 before heading over to the second location. Kick the door open but don't enter the shop yet. Take out as many goons as you can before going in and then walk in and turn towards the stairs. Head up to the second floor and you will see the lab up here. Take it down and move on to the third location which is in an underground tunnel. Take your ride right through a bunch of them to make life easier before moving in to take out the first one down here. Go up the stairs and you find that the door is locked. You need to shut off the ventilation to get them to come out and will only face a couple before torching the tank here. Only one more left, so head to the last location with a gang notoriety of 4, so watch yourself. Don't pull up to the exact location, park a little ways away and start taking them down with some automatic fire. Once you make a dent head towards the building. After making your way in, you need to take down the 3 lab techs. The last will drop a key you need to get to the dust labs. Make your way over to them and blow them sky high. Just as you do, the lead lab tech leaves hoping for a getaway. Quickly grab whatever you can find to drive and don't be too picky. This part will be timed. Once you are on his trail, start shooting up his car and smashing it to bits. Eliminating him completes the hard work, as you watch a cutscene showing the general and Mr Sunshine consider their next move. This scores you $3,000 and the Shivington Neighborhood.

Bad Trip After minding your own business, or something like that, you are assaulted by 2 Samedi goons. You wake up in a haze in the Samedi limo with the General and Mr. Sunshine as they wanted to meet you. You seem totally out of it and when they get out the guns, you pull a quick manuever to jump out of the limo as it is rolling. Now you are faced with the task of getting back to home base as the Sons are headed there for an attack. The drugs are still affecting you highly and it messes with your control and vision for the trip. Grab the sports car and floor it, turn right and head full scale back to the hideout with a tough ride ahead having a gang notoriety of 3. You will see Shaundi's health in the upper left hand corner as your timer. Once you arrive, kick the door open and start taking down the goons one by one. There should be 4 or so on the first level then continue down as normal. Once you see Shaundi she tells you more on on their way and you have to get back up to protect Pierce. If the door is still open to the outside, Samedi goons will come in and you can stand inside and be safe and take down a bunch of them before heading out into the fray. This is going to be a long gun battle as you will have to take down 60 Samedi (note the total in your upper left) before the fight ends. If you are taking a beating, go in your hideout to recover or grab some food. You can also use the sides of the buildings and cement dividers for good cover. This mission scores you $3,500, the Ultor Dome Neighborhood and the Samedi fighting style (accessible at the plastic surgeon).

Bonding Experience Pierce feels left out and you remind him he's in charge of the Ronin as Shaundi tells you of some choppers dumping packages and you bring along Pierce for the ride and he is behind the wheel. You are wielding a minigun with unlimited ammo, so make use of it. You will see the first chopper right in front of you and it goes along the raised highway. Pierce is a horrible driver and it is difficult to maintain a decent shot at it and this persists throughout the mission, so be prepared for it. If you cannot eliminate a chopper before the drop off, you fail, so make quick work of them. After the jump, you face the next one and it spends a lot of time behind buildings, so it is very hard to get solid fire on it. The third chopper is over the water and you have to get to the water so once he pulls up, run down and jump in the boat. This one is probably the easiest to knock down, so move on to the next one which is also over the water, as you will notice your gang notoriety is increasing significantly, so beware when you get back to land. After 4 choppers, you dock and head up the hill to get in a new vehicle. This one moves around pretty fast, so its hard to get a good clear shot, so keep firing, you will also face a good bit of Samedi on the ground as well, so keep an eye out if someone is right on your rear. One more chopper to go and after you take it out you see a cutscene with Mr. Sunshine and the General. You get $5,000 and the Sunsinger neighborhood for your work here.

Riot Control Seeing a cutscene with some junkies desperate for some Loa Dust and Mr. Sunshine informs them of the Saints pilfering of it. After one tells him of his intention to purchase from the Saints, one shot changes the minds of others. Telling them they can keep what they take, the head to the saints place. You are with Pierce and Shaundi defending the warehouse as you will be faced with a bunch of them approaching from different entrances. Keep your guard up and your head on a swivel for this as they can come up right behind you if you are in the wrong spot. There are some molotovs involved, so watch for the tossing action and steer clear and kill them. Pierce goes off to get the truck and you and Shaundi continue to pop junkies. Finally Pierce comes back and Shaundi assists loading up leaving only you to defend them. After a few waves you are faced with your next task. Hop in the car and escort the truck to the hideout, if your car is taking a beating, grab someones, Pierce wont leave without you, so until you get one, he will stay put. Do your best to ram them off the road so you can concentrate on driving, even though it is a very low speed trip with the truck in front of you. You may go through 2 or 3 cars here till you get back to the hideout. Once you do, you see 2 junkies making off with packages and one gets nailed and you shoot the other to question where the Samedi are hiding as he gives up the meat packing plant as their location. You take the Black Bottom neighborhood and $7,500 for your work here.

Eternal Sunshine You are tired of Mr. Sunshine and you want him finished now. Head over to the meat packing plant and start picking off the guards before you get too close, and after thinning them out head to the entrance by the gang tag. Once you get in head forward taking out a few Samedi along the way, they don't put up a ton of resistance. Once you make it to the back, go up the stairs and then one more set up. Continue taking down the guards till you reach Mr. Sunshine. You see them all across the platforms with Mr. Sunshine in the middle. Utilize your cover and gun down the goons surrounding him first. There are also goons on the level below you as well. Now when Mr. Sunshine takes out his voodoo doll, shoot it out of his hand, which takes away his invincibility and allows you to damage him. Keep pumping bullets into him till he runs downstairs and then take out his new goons and Mr. Sunshine appears again, voodoo doll in hand. After the goons, pop the doll and unload into him again. Once he falls, a cutscene ensues showing you walking up to him to make sure he is dead and he rises up, you shoot him a bunch and he still continues to rise up. Grabbing a knife you slice his head off and toss it on the meatpacking line to finish him and get $12,500 and The Mills hood.

Assault on Precinct 31 Seeing Shaundi working out you converse about taking down the General and Shaundi mentions hacking the traffic cameras to see the General's limo location. You go along with it and seeing you have no chance in hell of hacking it on your own, bring Shaundi along. As you are heading to the police station, you need a disguise, follow the map to the repairman's van, note you only have 3 minutes to complete this part, so be wary of time. Pull in front of him and block off his path and carjack him to grab his van and head to the police station and pull in. Change to no weapons before entering the station and walk up to the front desk. After talking, you find out you need to get to the 4th floor. Turn left, walk through the door and up the stairs till you get to the third floor. You will face a firefight here, so you can arm yourself once you get to the stairs on the third floor, pop the cops here and go up to the fourth, turn right and take out all the cops on this floor. Move to the other side of the stairs and let Shaundi get in the room and start working on the computers. You will have to defend her as the cops come up and attack. This is relatively simple as it is only cops, but looking at the exit door, you will see a chopper and plenty of SWAT cops. If you have no one on the stairs, feel free to pop a few of them in between, but beware as they have RPGs. After Shaundi is done, get to the chopper and take off back to the hideout just avoid the police chopper firing at you by going high and low. Land it on the ground, not the roof of the crib, and get out to score $25,000 for this mission.

The Shopping Maul With surveillance in place, a saint tells you he has spotted the General's limo by the mall, so you grab Shaundi and set up the end for the Samedi. You have 2 minutes to get to the mall, so if you have a fast car, you will have no problem at all. You won't need this car again, so you can drive fast and reckless. Once you arrive, go up the stairs and you see the cutscene of the General driving by and a bus plowing into it flipping it over. Some Samedi pull in and you have to kill off the escort team of 11. Until you finish off them, more and more will continue to arrive. Once you take them down, the General runs inside and you are again forced to chase him in. Enter the mall and then walk around the corner but beware as a Samedi vehicle will come plowing down this hallway. Wait until they get out and kill them and grab the ride. Turn the corner and then turn right. Keep driving off the walkway and then continue forward. Up the stairs, and up the next set till you get to the checkpoint. You then see a cutscene with the General in the Bulldog with roof mounted cannon. Head to the stairs and get up to the next level. Take out any immediately threatening Samedi and start pumping shotgun or SMG rounds into the general's vehicle when you have the opportunity. Once the General is finally defeated, you reap the rewards of no longer having to deal with the Samedi, you get $50,000, the Prawn Court Neighborhood, The Samedi Personality traits (available at the plastic surgeon), Shaundi as a Homie, and all the Samedi Lieutenant vehicles in your garage and the General's Bulldog.

The Brotherhood

First Impressions With Carlos, you head in the caverns to meet up with Maero and before you get to talk, the cops show up and you have to fight your way out. It pumps you up to 2 levels of police notoriety and you have to start heading towards the cyan waypoints. Head left and start walking, but don't lose your followers. Take you time and slowly head through, popping the cops as you walk through the tunnels. Worst comes to worst you back off and let your homies take a beating and you revive them. Follow the catwalk and go up the stairs after that. Here you are faced with a choice to exit via the water or street level. The water departure will require you to walk down the stairs then up the next set of stairs and onto the dock. Hop in the boat and floor it as you are faced with boats and choppers on your tail till you arrive at the landing to get the cutscene. If you take the street level exit, pop the last couple of cops and go up the stairs and jump in a cruiser with your Carlos and Maero. Now you will face a long trip back to the dock and Maero's hideout with a full compliment of SWAT vans and cop cars. Do watch when you first get on the road as there is a ditch on the left if you try to go around, you are going to face a big problem getting everyone back together and in a vehicle. Once you arrive at the Brotherhood's base of operations, a cutscene ensues and you tell Maero that you won't be agreeing to terms and leave. This mission give you $1,000 cash and the Southern Cross neighborhood.

Reunion Tour You walk up behind Donnie, a gang member who is with the Brotherhood now and is a mechanic and demand he show you where some trucks belonging to the Brotherhood are so they can be hit with some explosives. Pull up to the first truck and let Donnie start working on it, so you are forced to defend the gangbanger as he is working. Watch his health, if he loses it all, you fail and will have to start over. Once it is rigged, hop in a ride, clear the blast radius, and detonate the bomb. Proceed to the next location where you will find 2 vehicles to take out. Note your gang notoriety of 2 as you travel to the next location, and Donnie gets to work. You face Brotherhood from both directions, so keep your head on a swivel. After those are rigged, hop in a ride, clear the radius, and blow them up. Now for the last one, head on over to it. Donnie again rigs it up, you face more goons and once he is done, you grab a ride, and move out, but the trigger messes up. The vehicle is following you, so you need to speed away and a 30 second countdown begins and the truck blows after that. Once destroyed, you toss Donnie out, and he tells Maero about what went down. You score $1,500, Donnie's ride, and the Cecil Park hood.

Waste Not, Want Not You find yourself on the train with Carlos and he is lacking info other than knowing of some shipment that is coming in. This mission is timed, you have to finish it under the cover of darkness and it gives you about 15 minutes. Start off by heading to Friendly Fire, pick up the Geiger Counter and now head to the boat and floor it to the power plant. You arrange for Carlos to provide return transportation on your way there and now you are given the task of finding the toxic waste. Use the Radioactivity meter in the upper left to determine if you are going in the right direction. This is probably the hardest part of the mission. Keep an eye out for security, as if they see you, it will bring you some police notoriety. Once you see it, pick it up and head to the helipad. You have to walk up the steps on the side and you face a few guards on your way up. Once you get up there you have to clear out all the guards on the helipad and the surrounding area, so the chopper can land. As you are clearing it out, the chopper makes another fly around, so keep popping the guards to allow for a safe landing. Once he lands, hop in and you are now set to defend the chopper on the way to the tattoo parlor via the minigun, so make quick work of the persuing cops. Bear in mind, you are still on the timer, so after you take a hit that takes the chopper down, you need to grab a ride and zip over to the parlor. You see a small cutscene of Maero getting a tattoo and seeing his face burned incredibly bad from the waste. You score $2,000 for your trouble.

Red Asphault As you wait for Carlos, Jessica calls you telling you they have taken Carlos and want to get you back for the toxic waste tattoo. Drive to Donnie's garage and take out the goons in the front. Either beat him up or pop a couple of rounds into him to get info about Carlos. Head to find him with the Bulldog and the roof mounted cannon, but bear in mind, you are faced with Carlos' health bar in the upper left hand corner. Gun down the truck before Carlos dies and once it takes a beating, the Brotherhood flee and you can try to save Carlos, but find him too badly beaten to survive. You fire a shot to his head to let him rest in peace gaining $2,500 and the Charlestown neighborhood, but losing a good man.

Bank Error in Your Favor Shaundi almost gets plowed down by Jessica and calls you about her going into the bank with a case of money and you say you will be right over to deliver some payback. Head on over to the bank and walk in and grab Jessica as a hostage. Keep her between you and the cops, and you will be ok, You can fire on them and take them down if you want. Once the alarm goes off, you have to take her upstairs to shut down the lockdown on the bank and then back down to the main floor. Take out the SWAT members as you are working your way out with Jessica in hand. You move very slowly with her in your arm, so keep the gunfire flowing as you turn left and head toward Jessica's car. Once you get there, dump her in the truck, and head over to the Arena with the police notoriety of 3 still active. Once you get there, you see a cutscene of you putting Jessica's car at the end of the line of old cars Maero is about to crush with his Atlas. After doing so, you toss the keys to Jessica's ride to Maero and tell him to check the trunk. Maero breaks down as you walk away with $3,000 and the Ezpata hood.

Thank You and Goodnight After scoring your revenge on Maero, you forgot to get some info on the shipment coming in and with Jessica dead, And Donnie certainly not getting any info after his last blunder, you turn to Matt, the tattoo artist and musician for a band who has a show tonight. Head to the location of the truck and prepare for a gunfight. You can use your car to plow down a few goons since you won't be using it again. Once you slowly work your way down and eliminate the last of them, you need to hop in the fireworks truck parked between the 2 warehouses. You are in the back with boxes of fireworks to hold off the attacking Brotherhood. When you throw them out if they bounce off the ground, the explosion is slightly delayed, but if it hits an object directly, it blows sky high. Keep an eye on your vehicle health in the upper corner as Pierce takes his time driving to the concert. A cutscene ensues showing you popping off a shot, scaring everyone and beating Matt into giving up the info about the shipment coming in by boat, completing this mission, scoring you $3,500, the Copperton hood, and the Brotherhood fighting style available at the plastic surgeon.

Retribution As you sit down and relax Pierce tells you that the Brotherhood are running wild and burning down the town and people are getting busted at an insane pace. You get up and start heading out after the 4 lieutenants that are running this mess. Head to the first waypoint and pop in the store. Don't worry as much about the other goons unless they are a serious impending threat. Take down the one with the red arrow over him so you can move on to the next one. He is dishing out a beating on the owner. Once he is saved, move on to the next one and you see one of the Brotherhood getting arrested with a swarm of police around him. Stay back from him and pop him from a distance to avoid getting nailed by the cops, you can also opt to nail him from your vehicle to get a quick escape. Onto the next one at the parking garage. You head up the levels and see a Truck blocking the last ramp up. Once you start firing on it, the lieutenant will jump in his ride and jump off the roof and a chase will ensue. You need to shoot him down with your SMG till he is done. The last one is at the docks, driving around like a maniac. You will have to gun him down to finally finish this mission off. You see a cutscene in Dane Vogel's office as Maero busts in and demands Vogel help him eliminate the Saints as Dane emphasizes it is Maero's problem until he grabs him, holds him over the street hundreds of floors up in his office. Vogel makes a call to the Chief Troy Bradshaw to release some of the Brotherhood or Vogel will smear Bradshaw's rep all over the wall. You get $5,000 and the Encanto hood.

Jail Bait Meandering down the street you see a news bulletin on some Brotherhood members being released and see Bradshaw and Vogel denying there is anything up. You decide you need to stop this and head to the escort with the prison buses and start firing away. Concentrate on one at a time and don't concern yourself with the police cruisers following along. In fact you may want to use the cruisers to PIT them and crash into or block off the path of the bus to make gunfire easier. Once the bus is burning, head for the next one. Keep going till you take down all 3 of them, just keep an eye out for Brotherhood and police notoriety. Now you get a call about some boats shuffling more Brotherhood out of the prison. You can head to the airport to grab a chopper or the docks for a speedboat, I found the speedboat much easier to manuever and use, but it is up to you, just make it there fast. Once you are on your way, you can take down the drivers of the boats or the boats itself, start with whatever one is closest to you and start dumping rounds into it. Once you are done here, you watch a cutscene with Maero in Vogel's office and getting escorted out my heavily armed and armored guards yielding $7,500 and the Huntersfield hood.

The Enemy of My Enemy After playing a game with Shaundi, you hear about a weapons delivery for the Brotherhood at the docks. Figuring you can use these and it is much better not having them in the Brotherhood's hands, you head down. You can boat there or chopper there, but a chopper is much better as you can get a good view of the ships layout before landing. Once you park it at the bow of the ship, the open fire begins. Take down the immediately threatening guards and then slowly systematically eliminate who you can see. You are in no rush here, so take your time. You can see the guards marked on the map, so if you can take down some long ranging targets, go for it. Work down towards the end of the ship and take down everyone in sight. You will have to go in and up to take out the last few guards who are on the upper decks before proceeding on. Now head downstairs near the bow of the ship and finish off the guards that are down here, leading down to a room with weapons. Replenish your stock of weapons here and then head back up. You will face more guards on the ship and a few choppers circling around. Take out the foot soldiers first and them you can start on the choppers. They fly in the same pattern over and over, so if you want to use an RPG or lots of gunfire, feel free. Once you take down the last one, there will be a second group of them. Head back down to where the weapons are for safety. Follow the same pattern, head up, take down the foot soldiers and then the choppers. After that, you face another bunch of them in the same grouping. Once you finally take down all of them, you call Shaundi to tell her to bring in some manpower to clear out all the weapons here. You net $12,500 and the Fox Drive neighborhood for your work here.

The Siege Now with a load of weapons and the Brotherhood crippled it is time to take them down. Head over to the Brotherhood hideout and make it quick as you will face a gang notoriety level increasing as you get there. Once you arrive, start taking down the 10 lieutenants as fast as you can. If you haven't called in some homies, this mission is a good time to do so. The one safety valve you have here is the water. If you are taking a beating, jump in and and it will draw Brotherhood vehicles in the water and allow your health to regenerate. There is a stantion in the water you can shoot from as well to keep you safe from heavy fire. There are some RPG launching goons on the roof, so keep your eyes peeled. Once you finish off them, head in the building and turn left. Go all the way to the other side of the building taking out the resistance along the way. You will also see Saints in here helping you out making your life a little easier. Once you get to the stairs, head up to the third floor and then take down all the goons here and go to the other side to hit the stairs. Once you get to level 4, follow the same instructions to level 5, clearing out all the Brotherhood on the way. Before heading through the door to level 6, make sure your health is full, and you have a weapon that will shoot fast and accurate as you will face Maero and a minigun once you walk through the door. After doing so, you are on a roof with some cover that gets shot up very quickly. You have 2 options, to stand out and fire away when he is reloading or duck down in the small pit in front of him where he will toss explosives at you and then blow them all up together. The longer the battle goes on, the more Brotherhood that comes up on the roof to make it harder for you. You should be able to take him down relatively quick with good aim. After you drain almost all of his life, you see a cutscene showing both of you tussling and you fall through the ceiling and continue fighting on the floor trading blows with a knife until Matt comes in and saves Maero and you are forced to kill Matt and wait another day to get Maero. You get $25,000, the Stoughton hood, and unlock the minigun for your trouble here.

Showdown Maero calls you and tells you he wants to settle this and you assume he wants to man up about it and tells you to meet him at the Ultor Dome. You head over there and walk in to see the lights out and trucks all around you. Run right in front of you and pick up the RPG Launcher if you don't have a full load already and start firing on the Brotherhood trucks, there should be about 6 of them. Don't worry about Maero yet, cut down on the traffic swarming you. If you feel the need to recover, hop down in the lower area to get yourself back in shape. You will only see Maero's vehicle on the minimap, so keep your head looking around when you hear the rev of an engine approaching. Once you clear up the goons around him, start working on the man in charge. You can RPG him, but I found it easier to use an SMG on him as his truck is very hard for him to circle. Keep firing till he is finished as you ask him if he has any last words as you pistol whip him before finishing him and the Brotherhood off for good. You pick up $50,000, the Little Shanghai hood, Maero's Atlas, all the Brotherhood Lieutenant vehicles, Pierce as a homie, and the Brotherhood Personality available at the plastic surgeon.


Saint's Seven Pierce comes up with an elaborate idea to take down one of the Ronin's casinos, but Johnny suggest a simpler go in and gun everyone down and blow the place up approach. Get in a car with him and head over to the Casino. Once you arrive take down the security guards in front and walk in. You will see 2 Ronin just behind the first wall and then they are layered all around the inside of the casino. If you need a place to retreat to to generate health, look left after the you first enter and you will see a hallway you can hide in. There will be about 15 or so guards for you and Gat to finish off. Once you clear out most of them, Gat will go to rig the bomb. Protect him by aiming at the stairs and gunning down Ronin as the come down. Gat will move partway through to the other side to finish; once he is done clear out so the bomb can go off. Head out and into the truck outside and now you have to get all the way out to Aisha's house with Ronin and police in tow. The bikers are easy, just plow into them with your truck and do your best to avoid the cops. Once you finally arrive, you see a cutscene concerning Jyuchi and Shogo about the Saints situation as Shogo doesn't seem to care much and Jyuchi is much more concerned. You score $1,000 and the Centennial Beach Neighborhood as rewards.

Laundry Day The cutscene ensues with Aisha asking why there is crazy cash on the table and then you see the broadcast of your heist on TV. To clean the cash, you have to buy stuff. Head over to the used car salesman and "buy" the car he sells you. Do your best not to destroy it, as it important to passing the mission. After bartering the deal, head to the arms dealer and pull in. You will face some Ronin on bikes on the way, you should be able to either pop them or just smash them with the car. You can take it to a mechanic if need be during this mission, so if you are smoking, head there asap. Once you work a deal out, she tells you to drive her to her place to pick up the goods. You are on gun duty here as she drives. Unlimted ammo makes life a whole lot easier, you can opt for aiming behind you or in front of you, but you will most likely find it easier to aim back as the cars get on your trail that way. Once you arrive at your destination a cutscene ensues and details of Shogo's failure and Jyunichi is sent after to the Saints to take them down.. You get Nob Hill and $1,500 for completing this mission.

Road Rage At Aisha's house, Gat comes in with a Ronin goon in hand. Apparently they have sent some people after you and Gat kills the Ronin and is forced to clean up the mess as you are forced to take out the Ronin heading towards your crib. You first need to take down 4 Ronin bikers, and some quick shots with your sub machine gun should take them out quickly. If you are a bad shot, use a pistol instead to finish them off. Partway through the chase, 3 more Ronin bikers come into the chase and you are forced to take them out. You may find a car much better for this as they can take out the bikers with just a quick ram job. After finishing off the last one, you see a cutscene showing Shogo and Dane Vogel talking about the Ronin's failure to provide the protection they pay for. You score $2,000 and the Tidal Spring hood for completing this.

Bleeding Out As you approach Aisha's place you hear a noice, only to see the Ronin has captured Aisha and threatens her life if she doesn't give up the money. You see Jyunichi kill Aisha and you enter the house with Gat preparing for a battle. Your first task here is take down all the Ronin with gunfire. There should be about 4 or 5 of them as you see a cutscene with Gat getting a sword through his stomach. Once you see this, Jyunichi flees and you need to get Johnny to the hospital As you call a homie to arrange for transport, you head outside to wait for it, you will face waves of Ronin. Do your best to shoot them as they pull up before they got a shot in on Johnny, so keep an eye on his health or you will fail the mission. Once the car arrives you will have to protect it on its very long trip to the hospital. Given an RPG, start firing away at the Ronin tracking you down. It has a short delay before it blows up, so aim ahead of the car. Once you finally arrive safely at the hospital, You give Pierce a call to get a time frame on Akuji's arrival in Stilwater. The Filmore neighborhood and $2,500 is yours for this mission.

Orange Threat Level Pierce comes through and gets you the passenger log for Mr. Akuji's trip and he has some company with him. Drive to the airport in under 2 minutes to get started with Pierce in the passenger seat. Once you hit the security entrance the timer dissappears, so you can take your time from here. Continue to the stairs and prepare for battle. Once you do, you will begin facing Ronin, gun them down and if you need help, fall back, but you should be ok with Pierce to help. Once you move forward to the next gate some Ronin make off in a golf cart, so get in the one and start flooring it. Use a stream of gunfire to help cut them down and eliminate it but you will face some extra help from more Ronin goons along the way, so once you finally cut them down, you can pass this mission, score $3,000 and the Quinbecca hood. You see a cutscene showing Jyunichi driving Mr. Akuji away after he pulled him fromn the plane after seeing you.

Kanto Connection You get a call telling you he can help you exact revenge on the person responsible for killing Aisha and stabbing Gat. Head to Kanto via the GPS, if you don't have a sword, kill the guard outside for one. Once you enter, you will find Jyunichi and some goons. You want to take down the guards first, but you can only attack when they attack and counter their attack or use a powerful attack by charging up. Finish them off before concentrating on Jyunichi. Once it's only you and him, you can back up along the long walkway to regain health if needed. You can only take down him with a counter attack otherwise he will flip you on your back and you take a beating. When he goes to attack you have to counter him to get a shot in, and then you can get in one extra shot before having to back up. Halfway through, a second set of guards come down, so eliminate them and then concentrate your efforts on Jyunichi again till he is done. You see a small cutscene concerning Shogo and Mr. Akuji and the father wants nothing to do with his son who has failed him. This mission gives you $3,500, the Ronin Fighting style (available at the plastic surgeon) and the Rebadeux hood.

Visiting Hours Seeing Johnny in the hospital recovering is a good sign, but as you visit, the power gets cut and the Ronin are up to no good. You need to grab hold of Gat's bed and work your way out of the hospital. There is a timer based on Gat's health, and it is cut shorter every time he gets shot, so take out all the Ronin you can fast. You are best off to sprint while holding the gurney to save time. The controls for the gurney are very awkward and going around corners is very difficult. Just outside of the room you face a few Ronin, so be prepared for that, turn left, then right and you will see more at the end of the hallway so take them down before proceeding fast. Turn left at the nurses desk and zig zag through the surgical room and take down a couple more Ronin. Once you hit the door, you find out you need to go to the roof instead. Johnny is revitalized and now you have to make it to the next waypoint. Head back down the hallway and take out the Ronin by the elevator. Once you go down the hallway, Gat is restored to full health and you need to take the chopper back to the hideout. You are chased by a Ronin chopper so fly fast and swing side to side to avoid the fire. Only slow up once your landing is in site. Land the chopper and see the cutscene of Mr. Akuji's place showing Dane Vogel and Mr. Akuji having bitter arguements about the state of things and you pick up $5,000, the Union Square hood, and the Medical chopper at your garage.

Room Service Dane Vogel shows his face in your place and wants to set up an agreement offering up the Ronin's location. Head to the hotel on the map to see if Vogel is giving you solid info with Gat and take out the first floor worth of Ronin. There are 5 or 6, it's not very hard at this point, but after taking them all out, you need to start setting bombs in the place, but they are on timers. So kill everyone on the floor set the furthest bomb from the stairs (which are now unlocked once the bombs are planted) and now you have to plant 2 bombs, move up a floor via the stairs, plant 2 more, move up another floor, plant 2 more for a total of 6 so far and then up to the last floor and plant one more for a total of 7 bombs and you only have 4 minutes once you plant the first one. Once the last floor you go up to the blue halo, walk through the chinese doors, and then through the next set. You will need to take down the 2 guards outside and the 4 inside and do it within the same 4 minute timer. These have to be killed, the guards on the lower floors do not, so if you arent a quick killer, you may want to skip some of the lower floor ones. Once you do, Head back out the way you came and you will jump into the atrium, activate your parachute when told to and you will get to the ground safely. You see a cutscene with Shaundi and Pierce getting ready to put Dane Vogel on ice and you walk in granting Dane a trip home. Shogo and Mr Akuji have a brief cutscene where Shogo says he can fix things and his father expresses his doubt. This mission gets you $7,500 and the Brighton hood.

Rest in Peace Aisha is being put to her final resting place and its a miserable day out. Shogo shows up and Gat tells him to disappear and to finish business at another time. Shogo has brought backup with him though, so you have to take down them. Now you don't need to kill anyone BUT Shogo, so look for the marker designating him and he should be near the mausoleum. Kill any immediate Ronin threats and head for Shogo. There will be reinforcements coming constantly at your current gang notoriety of 3, so make quick work of it and open up an SMG on him. Once his health disappears, there are 17 or so Ronin goons around you that you will need to take down. Head for cover quick and start systematically taking them down. You will still face the constant flow of Ronin flying in on bike and via Hayate vehicles. When your health is low, grab some cover and eat if you have to. Once you make it through all of the goons, head over to the house Shogo has gone to for cover. He rips out on a bike and you need to chase him down. Make sure you have a good drive by weapon equipped and hop on either the bike or grab the car. I found the car better for stability as you frequently get rammed off the bike, but it is up to you. Now you have to stay close to him or you face a 30 second timer to get back on his trail. Bear in mind you STILL have the gang notoriety of 3 and need to keep an eye on yourself as you chase him down. Once you finally nail him, you drag him to Gat and he breaks his leg and beats him down good. You toss him in a coffin and bury him alive to seal his fate and score $12,500 and the Mourning Woods Cemetary hood for your troubles here.

Good D You see Pierce come in your pad and he has brought an old friend, Mr. Wong to congratulate you on disposing of Shogo, but apparently was followed to the hideout. Take out the few Ronin downstairs and then head through the doors and begin defending the pillars. Take out your shotgun and start blowing away Ronin as you see gunfire. You need to protect the health of the pillars, so keep an eye on it in the upper left hand corner. After successfully protecting them, you will face another wave of Ronin but now will have to defend 4 columns in just under 2 minutes. Once this is complete you face Mr. Akuji now. Grab some quick cover and take down any immediate Ronin threats to you. Once Akuji's SMG empties a clip, bury your SMG into him and finish him. Just before he falls, a bike comes in and scoops him away to spare his life for now. This mission is worth $25,000 and nets you the Adept Way neighborhood.

One Man's Junk After the latest Ronin attack, you decide protecting Mr. Wong is essential to his existance. Knowing there is the heritage festival, you send Gat to protect and escort him around. Head for the docks, pause the game and check out where it is and drive down there fast, once you make it there, hop in the boat and floor it, you still have to get to the ship where the heritage festival is. You face a gang notoriety of 4 during this, so make haste, not waste of the Ronin. Now you are faced with a chopper dumping explosives down on you. Zig zag your way towards the ship avoiding the packages from above. Don't waste your time shooting it down, another will just follow. Once you arrive, you are faced with a large force of Ronin. 20 goons that you have to kill and waves of them joining the firefight. You want to stay far away from them and snipe out who you can before you get involved in the lunacy here. You can opt to head down the beach and start taking them down one by one. Many of them are at street level, so try to take down the ones you can without going up there and save them for last. A small cutscene shows Mr. Akuji running after Mr. Wong and you need to chase him down on a timer based scene, so keep it moving here. Board the first boat, take down the 2 guys inside, head up the stairs and turn left, take out the 2 guys and walk the pathway between the ships. Now take down a few guards here and head to the third ship and eliminate the Ronin here, then move up. Take down the last of them after going up the stairs and you hit the checkpoint. Now you face off with Akuji and again like Jyunichi, its a sword fight. Counter his attacks and take one shot at him after he goes down and then back off. Keep walking backwards if you need to regenerate health and in a circle around the outside. Once you finish off the Ronin leader, you shoot him in a cutscene, call Mr. Wong and make Kazuo scream into the phone as you drive the sword into him, and you jump off the boat finishing off the Ronin for good. This mission nets you $50,000, the Stilwater Boardwalk hood, the Ronin Personality (available at the plastic surgeon), Mr. Akuji's special bike, all the Ronin Lieutenant vehicles and Johnny Gat as a homie.


Picking a Fight After clearing out all the gang competition, you start on the Ultor missions and find out Dane Vogel has ideas for Stilwater. You start out behind a bar with 4 guards looking right over you, stand up, pop a couple and duck back down. Repeat till they are dead and you are healthy. Now you can work on taking out the goons at a distance. This is probably the easiest part, once you work out of the club, grab one of the Bears and start driving. It is slow, but has a gun mounted to allow you to do damage to cops easily. Head off to rescue Shaundi and Pierce and keep an eye on the choppers up high to make sure you don't get a missle in your vehicle. If you do, grab another one and floor it. The lights and sirens will move regular traffic to the side, so you "only" have to deal with your 5 levels of police notoriety. Once you arrive, you face 10 of ultor's goons. Many will be taking good cover and it will take too much time blowing up vehicles. Use a pistol or SMG for headshots to take them down quick. You have to make sure Pierce survives, as his health is in the upper left corner, so move quickly. Once you save him, now its time to work on Shaundi. You might want to opt for something a little faster for this trip, since it is long, like a cruiser. Once you finally get near the location, you find out you have to disable, BUT NOT DESTROY, the ultor van. A good bit of SMG fire will take care of this quickly, so once you see it smoking, stop firing. You can bump it a few times with your car if it is close to blowing up. Once saving her, you grab an ultor goon and drag him back to the hideout to see a little more about what he has and you see something about an Ultor Pyramid. You ask your Lieutenants to find out more about it and take $10,000 for your work.

Pyramid Scheme Shaundi gives you some info about the Pyramid being where Ultor makes its own armor and weapons and you decide to wreak a bit of havoc on it. Get in the ride and head to Saints Row. Now you need to get your Police Notoriety to level 4. Once you get hold of a cruiser, blow it up and the cops should come streaming at you to make it easy. Staying in your vehicle provides some good cover for you, so you may want to do that. The best place to set up the war is right by the Forgive and Forget as once you get your notoriety up, you need to eliminate it. Now drive on over to the Pyramid and meet Gat there. Go in the tunnel and meet him on the left. Once you do, now you need to locate the keycard here. Follow the waypoints to locate the keycard and pick it up. Now you face a notoriety of 3 after grabbing it and you have to head up to plant the bombs. Once you get the last of the 3 bombs planted, you have 1:45 to get out of the facility, so head for the exit jump in the Bear and drive out as fast as you can. Pay no mind to the soldiers once you get going, time is more important here. Once you get out, you see a cutscene with Vogel and the Ultor head execs complaining of the Pyramid being revealed and they want him to fix his mess. This nets you $15,000. the Pimp Cane, and the Ultor Bear.

Salting the Earth Again Pierce brings in a note about a party for the Ultor execs on a yacht and you figure this to be a good way to eliminate some of them. Head to the docks and grab the jetski here and move towards the yacht. Ultor sends an attack helicopter after you so swerve back and forth on your way out there. Once you get aboard, taking down the execs is relatively easy. There are few security guards and no execs carry weapons, till you get down to the last one, who flees on a boat. Jump on the boat at the back of the ship and floor it to get up to the exec and gun him down. You can opt to shoot him or just blow the boat sky high, either one is effective. You see a cutscene now showing Dane Vogel and his happiness with the execs elimination and he plays it off to the press as a terrible act and you realize that Vogel sent you the invite to take them out and this mission gets you $25,000

...And A Better Life You and Gat are setting up the execution of Vogel at his press conference, but it is busted up early as Gat gets in a fight on the top of a skyscraper and the rush Vogel off in his limo. First thing you need to do is disable the limo Vogel is in. It seems easy enough, but you face heavy assistance from Ultor security as you attempt to do so. Empty some rounds into it and you should be moving on quick enough. If he gets far away, you only have 30 seconds to catch up or fail the mission. The limo powers through roadblocks, so stick close as you chase. Once you get done here, you need to get into a chopper near the Phillips building and take down the 4 power stations here. As soon as you get up keep an eye out for a chopper sent after you. First take that chopper down and then concentrate on the power station. They are difficult to see and you have to rely on the red arrows to get the right height and circle around the building till you see it. The stations increase in height as you go up. Once you take down one of the choppers, another is sent soon after it to take its place. Bear in mind here, the guns and missiles are VERY slow to fire. Alternate between towers and choppers, and whenever a chopper is in the sky, focus on that. Once you clear the fourth station, you need to fly to the upper portion of the building by the window and get your chopper close to it. Once you do, you see a cutscene showing you jumping in the window and avoiding the chopper that almost kills you. Now is the fun part. Take down the security guards here and empty your guns into Vogel as you see his life meter dwindle in the upper left of the screen. As he begs for his life you finish him off and you hear people come in, and fortunately it is just Shaundi and Pierce. You are on the phone with Gat and he says he is having a blast taking down cops, but you tell him he can stop now, as you make a departure from the building and finish off the last of the storyline here netting you $50,000 and the attack chopper.

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