Saladin is a campaign for the PC real-time strategy game Age of Empires II.


Pledging the conquer back the Holy Land ruled by the Muslims, knights from Europe have descended upon the Middle East in a series of Crusades. Now four European kingdoms led by spectacular leaders, including the famous Richard the Lion-Hearted and Philip of France, have sprung up in the desert. The Saracen king, Saladin, gathers his troops in an attempt to expel the invaders. In response to European Crusades, the Saracens have organized a Jihad to fight back the European enemies with Saracen treachery.

Saladin 1: An Arabian Knight

Saladin's forces have arrived in Egypt to force the crusaders in the area away. But they'll have to deal with the cowardly Egyptian ruler first.


  • Egypt (Red) [Saracens]


  • West Franks (Blue) [Franks]
  • East Franks (Teal) [Franks]

Saladin 2: Lord of Arabia

The French lord Raynald de Chatillion has been using his armies to mercilessly raid and plunder Arabic trade routes and villages. Saladin must put a stop to this.


  • Aqaba (Yellow) [Saracens]
  • Medina (Orange) [Saracens]


  • Reynald's Raiders (Teal) [Franks]
  • Reynald's Pirates (Blue) [Franks]
  • Reynald's Bandits (Red) [Franks]

Saladin 3: The Horns of Hattin

A number of crusader armies are camped out in the middle of the desert. In order to deal them a crippling morale blow, Saladin has ordered the theft and obtainment of an important religious artifact carried by one of the armies. Reynald de Chatillion is also in the area, and Saladin would like to deal with him once and for all.


  • Hospitallers (Orange) [Teutons]
  • Knights Templar (Yellow) [Teutons]
  • Reynald's Pirates (Blue) [Byzantines]
  • English Crusaders (Red) [Britons]

Saladin 4: The Siege of Jerusalem

Saladin and his army have finally made the choice to take the holy city of Jerusalem back under Islamic control. But to do so he will have to avoid damaging any holy sites within the city.


  • Jerusalem (Blue) [Byzantines]
  • Hospitallers (Orange) [Teutons]
  • Knights Templar (Yellow) [Teutons]

Saladin 5: Jihad!

Saladin's forces are preparing for a final attack on what remains of the Crusader City States, tw of the three must fall. Ascalon, Tyre or Tiberias.


  • Hebron (Teal) [Saracens]


  • Ascalon (Orange) [Teutons]
  • Tyre (Yellow) [Byzantines]
  • Tiberias (Blue) [Persians]
  • Tripoli Guards (Pink) [Franks]

Saladin 6

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