Samantha Maxis

Samantha Maxis is a character in the Zombies game mode. Her full name is Samantha Emilia Abigail Maxis. She is one of two females in Call of Duty: World at War, the other being Sophia.


Samantha was born to Dr. Maxis and his unknown wife. After his wife died, Maxis made sure she was always close to him. Due to his research, however, he neglected her and failed to notice Richtofen's experiments on her. As the experiments went on, Richtofen grew to hate her, perhaps due to Maxis' attachment to her or due to what she had become. When he trapped the Maxises in the room with Fluffy and activated the teleporter, she was teleported to Griffin Base. Scheuster and Groph then used her in the machine to control the zombies. Samantha, however, was unwilling to deal with them, so they found and brought Maxis to her. Maxis told her to destroy them all and subsequently died, sending Samantha over the edge and on a rampage to destroy all of Group 935, which had betrayed Maxis. After Richtofen trades bodies with her to control the zombies, she and the supersoldier test subjects activate Maxis' backup plan and destroy the earth, leaving Richtofen trapped in her body and unable to control anything but the zombies already on the moon.

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