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Samantha Youssef is a Canadian character animator and animation director. She has worked in both feature films and video games for Walt Disney Animation[1], Filmax, and Ubisoft.


Youssef is the artistic director and founder of Studio Technique, an artistic production and training studio in Montreal focused on feature film and video game animation. Samantha Youssef was a character animator for The Walt Disney Company,[1] and has also worked for Ubisoft Entertainment, Filmax Animation, and Yowza Animation. She is also responsible for the artistic training of many Montreal video game studios, such as BioWare, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft[2].


Youssef was one of Wired Magazine’s 2009 Sexiest Geeks[3][4]. She was also one of MSN techno’s top sexiest geeks[5]. According to her Wired geek nomination, she is a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien, Star Wars and World of Warcraft.[3]

Youssef's animated short film La Fuga Grande (The Great Escape) was an award winner at the Toronto International Film Festival[6], and has been showcased at other film festivals in Canada.[7]



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