After the two aliens land, click on the doghouse.

This starts the plot, where the aliens grab and kidnap your pet dog. The introduction cutscene starts, where you chase after the two aliens, and land on another planetoid.


Samorost 2 poklop1

Grabbed by a tree after landing

The aliens have no trouble entering, but you will have to find your way inside. After you land, click on yourself to exit your craft. The first tree you walk past will grab you. Click on the bug to pick it up, and drop it on the tree branch. The tree will let go, allowing you to walk to the left of the screen (as indicated by a small arrow.)

To the left is a small snail working on a metal shell. Continue to the left and enter the building. Click on the center jar to pop off its lid, and move the mouse to the left to pan the screen. Click on the smaller animal to cause him to fall. While the larger animal is distracted, plug the hold with the lid, then return to the building.

Samorost 2 poklop2

The snail workshop

Click the water pump twice to fill the cauldron. Turn the right crank to get the chimney into position. Click on the animal on the tall salt shaker plants to have it jump to the right, then click on it again. This will salt the cauldron. Heat the water, then dispense it. The snail will notice the water and take a drink, then fall asleep. Collect the hammer, and you will return to the LZ, where you get the robot to open the door for you.


Samorost 2 sopouch

Broken ladder and pipe

The ladder is broken, and you need to take a different entrance.

If you walk to the right, the pipe will break open - this gives you the entrance, but you can't reach it yet. Instead, click on the boulder blocking the pillbug on the left, and wait for it to climb up to the animal. Click on the animal, and it will grab the pillbug and eat it. The remains will be burped down.

Click on the bug a few times, and it should eventually land on the remains. Jump on the pipe to have it fly into the spider web. Once it is captured and fastened, you can use the fly as a swing-rope and dive into the hole.


You land in a small room containing a fridge. Open it, and a rat will climb into a hole in the ceiling. First, take the nearby exit. You will see one of the aliens that kidnapped your dog - and a nearby flashlight which you will take.

Click on the small hole, and you should get a power splitter. Plug this into the outlet, and plug the fridge in. It will shake and move to the left. This reveals a grate, which can be pulled up by the hook.

When you climb down, you should reach the small cistern filled with water. Pull the nearby chain to lower the water, and turn the valve on the water pump before it rises. Pull the chain again to lower the water to the bottom. Turn the lower valve to open a hatch, which you will enter.

In the next room, turn the three faucets so that the red markings are vertically aligned. Turn the wheel to pull the plug, then click on the other ladder to proceed.

You appear just below the alien, and will need to stop the machine for a few moments. Put the coin in the slot, and press button 1 for small wrench. Undo the three bolts. Return the wrench, take and re-insert the coin and get press 2 for the large wrench. Undo the final bolt, and detach the belt from the wheel. Return the wrench, and climb down. When you finall return to the fridge area, head to the exit, then climb up.

Pull the switch on the left to stop the flow of fruits. Next, move all fruits from the right container to the left, then jump into the right container. You will fall into the jar, and get conveyed to the right.


Samorost 2 budoar

A large, fat alien

The fat alien will grab the jar, and eat you. After discovering you can't be digested, he will regurgitate you, and press a button to trap you.

To escape, grab the small object to the left of your dog. Hang it on the skull to the right. With the fan spinning in the opposite direction, the fat alien will reach for the hat, taking his hand off the button. Click the button to escape from the trap.

Click on the left of the chair to push it towards the television and under the trap. The fat alien, in an attempt to recapture you, presses the button again, but gets snagged by the trap. Get the key it drops, and unlock the dog cage. Press the button next to the door on the right to exit the planet, and launch.

The free version will end after you run out of fuel.


Samorost 2 planina

Snagged on a pole

Your ship as crashed on a different planetoid, and you are snagged against a pole. Click on the dog's parachute to get him to escape. Click on the pole to get the dog to rock it back and forth, and click on yourself when the pole shakes to the right for the second time. You will detach from the pole, and land safely.

You will now need a guide on this planet. To get one, click on the butterfly to have it extend a plant, and pickup the small beetle and place it on the plant. This will toss the large beetle, which can then be clicked on to become a guide.


Samorost 2 lesik

A strange man

As you continue into a wooded area, you will encounter a strange man. He will point to the bird, asking for a pipe. To get it, grab one of the bells hanging from his hat, and hang it on the tree branch directly in front of the bird. While the bird is away, click the next to have its contents spill out - including a pipe. Get the pipe and give it to the man.

The man will then point downward, asking for a tobacco pouch. Click on the hole in the tree stump to have the dog enter it.

This hold leads to a racoon's lair, which will block access to the pouch. To get past the raccoon, drink from the pool of water on the left, then click on the mushroom behind the dog to water it. Repeat until the mushroom lights up a bone. Get the bone and give it to the raccoon, then get the pouch hidden in the raccoon's bedding.

Head outside, and give th pouch to the man. He will fill the pipe, and have the firefly light it. When the firefly starts circling around, click on it and it will guide you to the lighthouse.


Samorost 2 majak

The taxi and lighthouse

The exit off the planet is here - a space-taxi. There are a few tasks that you need to do.

To wake up the taxi driver, enter the lighthouse and open the cupboard. Get the coffee can (located in the center, next to the fish oil and red liquid), and add it to the kettle. Add water from the valve. Heat the kettle for a few seconds, then ring the bell. Pour the coffee into the taxi driver as he leans back.

Samorost 2 majak2

The fuel farm

To collect fuel, take the deflated balloon on the pump below, and climb up to the mountains on the left. Put the balloon on the valve on the top-left. Take a blade of grass, and tickle the animal on the right to have him sneeze and throw the pitchfork into the barrel. The valves on the bottom left control the position of the intake pipe. Move it right twice.

Click the pitchfork to throw feed into the slot. One of the animals will come and eat - and create a methane bubble. Adjust the pipe as necessary (if the bubble would otherwise miss), and click the pump on the left to pull the bubble in. Repeat this three times, then collect the balloon. Return to the lighthouse.

Place the balloon on the pump. Climb on the taxi, and click on yourself to move the taxi downward. Click the side handle to pump the gas from the balloon to the pump, and click the bellows to pump the fuel into the taxi. Once it is fueled, ring the bell to complete Samorost 2.

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