Samurai Goroh

Samurai Goroh
Goroh as seen in F-Zero GX/AX

Game Series F-Zero
First Appearance F-Zero (1990)
Occupation: F-Zero Racer

Bounty Hunter

Nationality: Japenese American
Species: Human
Age: 45 (as of F-Zero GX)
Gender: Male
Likes: Winning races
Dis-Likes: Captain Falcon, losing races
Hobbies: F-Zero racing
Family: Son - Dai Goroh

Wife - Lisa Brilliant

Home: Unknown
Weapon(s): Katana
Voice Actor(s): Anime - Yasunoba Iwata (2003-2004)
Trademark: Fire Stingray (F-Zero machine)
Notes: "Steal, but never kill" - Samurai Goroh (F-Zero GP Legend)

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