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Sandlot is a Japanese video game developer which is known for its very unusual and inventive control and game-play mechanics. The company was founded in March 2001 and is composed of former employees from Human Entertainment.[1][2]


All Japanese releases unless otherwise stated.


  • 1999
Remote Control Dandy Published by Human

PlayStation 2

  • 2001
Tekkōki Mikazuki trial edition Published by Media Factory
  • 2002
Gigantic Drive Published by Enix - Released in the US as Robot Alchemic Drive (R.A.D.)
  • 2003
The Chikyuu Boueigun (The Earth Defense Force) Published by D3 - it was released in Europe by Agetec Inc. as Monster Attack
  • 2004
Tetsujin 28-go Published by Bandai
  • 2005
Chikyuu Boueigun 2 (Earth Defense Force 2) Published by D3 - in 2007 it was released in Europe by Essential Games as Global Defence Force

Nintendo DS

  • 2006
Chōsōjū Mecha MG Published by Nintendo

Xbox 360

  • 2006
Chikyuu Boueigun 3 (Earth Defense Force 3) Published by D3 - In 2007 it was released in the US and UK by D3 as Earth Defense Force 2017


  • 2010
Zangeki no REGINLEIV


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  2. ferricide (December 5, 2006). COLUMN: 'Roboto-chan!': An ode to Sandlot. GameSetWatch. Retrieved on 2008-10-22.

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