Other Armies

Han Forces

Ryofu Army

Enshou Army

Enjutsu Army

Toutaku Army

Batou Army



  1. This character is based on the fire god Zhurong, not the fictional character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lady Zhurong, wife of Meng Huo.
  2. The stylename 敬仲 (Jingzhong) is fictional. There is no mention about the historical Zhang Xiu's stylename.
  3. Liu Zhang's stylename was 季玉 (Jiyu), which should be transliterated into Japanese as きぎょく (kigyoku). The game designed Ryuushou's stylename to be 李玉 (Liyu) (李 is written in similar strokes to 季, aside for the upper stroke), transliterated as りぎょく (rigyoku).

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