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Population: 975 million (Pop. estimate is pre-invasion)

The hospitable nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, temperate climate and sprawling wilderness of Sanves made the planet at a popular tourist destination. Large tracks of untamed forest surrounding the capital drew in millions of sightseers, game hunters, and biologists. The asari, mindful of how rapid expansion has damaged the ecologies of other planets, restricted settlements.

After destroying the colony's navy and antiair defenses, Reapers landed infantry units to subjugate the local population. Destroyers keep watch in orbit, the capital ships apparently elsewhere fighting bigger battles.

Facts about "Sanves"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure096 Earth Atmospheres +
CapitalEtheai +
Colony Founded544 BC +
Day Length51.8 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameSanves +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameSanves +
NamePageSanves +
NamesSanves +
Orbital Distance1.4 AU +
Orbital Period1.6 Earth Years +
PageNameSanves +
PageTypeElement +
Population975,000,000 +
Radius7,484 km +
Surface Gravity0.95 G +
Surface Temperature298.15 K (25 °C, 77 °F, 536.67 °R) +

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