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Sarapai ("ever upward") is the second planet orbiting the white star Tassrah. Sarapai's pressure-cooker atmosphere of carbon dioxide and ethane serves as a greenhouse to an already boiling-hot surface. Cobalt compounds are frequent found on its crust, giving spectacular blue tinges to its land. Scans from orbital probes indicate its crust contains deposits of platinum, likely to be unexploited as its sister planet Pahhur.

Facts about "Sarapai"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure118.08 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length60.8 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameSarapai +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameSarapai +
NamePageSarapai +
NamesSarapai +
Orbital Distance1.7 AU +
Orbital Period1.7 Earth Years +
PageNameSarapai +
PageTypeElement +
Radius6,016 km +
Surface Gravity0.9 G +
Surface Temperature1,544.15 K (1,271 °C, 2,319.8 °F, 2,779.47 °R) +

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