Saru Brunei is a video game development company that works in partnership with Nintendo. Saru Brunei is a part of Marigul Management, Inc. Saru Brunei is headed up by former Nintendo game designer Gento Matsumoto. Matsumoto was Shigeru Miyamoto's right-hand man for 15 years. Saru Brunei may be defunct as Marigul was liquidated in May, 2003., and Saru Brunei hasn't been heard of since then.

Company Profile

Saru Brunei was responsible for the cancelled Nintendo 64 game, Doubutsu Banchou (Animal Leader), they then however ported the game to the Nintendo GameCube as Cubivore: Survival of the Fittest in 2002. the game was published by Nintendo in Japan, but published by Atlus in North America.


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