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Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2

Saturn has been a major source of helium-3 fuel fro fusion plants since the 2150s. The moon of Titan is mined for hydrocarbons, and used as a hostile environment training facility for Alliance Marines.

  • Population (orbitals and Titan): 117,000
Facts about "Saturn"RDF feed
CapitalHuygens Dome +
Day Length10.3 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameSaturn +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect + and Mass Effect 2 +
NameSaturn +
NamePageSaturn +
NamesSaturn +
Orbital Distance9.5 AU +
Orbital Period29.5 Earth Years +
PageNameSaturn +
PageTypeElement +
Population117,000 +
Radius60,268 km +

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