Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is a fast paced strategy shooter that takes team based game play to another level. Each match is a war for dominance where two teams of 5 to 32 players attempt to destroy each other. It will take more than guns to finish the job. Assume your position as a fighter, armed with swords, guns, and magic; or take the field as a support character that builds, heals, and resurrects fallen comrades. Feel like bringing out the big stick? Become a siege unit like the Behemoth (a huge animal biped descendant of elephants that takes down buildings using an uprooted tree) or the battering ram to destroy enemy buildings. Always thought you were a natural born leader? Take control as the leader of the action, the commander, who builds, researches, expands, and tactically strategizes your team's efforts.[1]


One player acts as commander with an RTS view similar to games like StarCraft, commanding a team of real people who play something resembling an FPS game with a slight RPG feel. Team members can spawn as support, offensive, siege, or other units, all working together under the command of captains who are chosen by the commander or by team vote.

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Like most RTS games, your goal as a team is to keep pace with the enemy's technology while maintaining control of as much of the map as is possible, hopefully being able to outgun or outmaneuver the opposing force.


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