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Secret Rooms is a mod for Minecraft that adds blocks and microblocks that effectively camouflage other blocks to the surrounding world.

ModLoader no longer supported

As of 4.5.0, ModLoader support has been dropped in favour of native Minecraft Forge support, with the author, AbrarSyed, making his reasons very clear, going so far as to suggest that Risugami should stop ModLoader development entirely.

Facts about "Secret Rooms"RDF feed
ContentTypeMod +
DeveloperAbrarSyed +
DisplayNameSecret Rooms +
GameCatMod +
Latest Version4.5.0.202 +
NameSecret Rooms +
NamePageSecret Rooms +
NamesSecret Rooms +
PageNameSecret Rooms +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformJava +
PlatformTypeJava +
RequiresMinecraft Forge +
StatusReleased +
Versions4.5.0.202 +

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