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Secret Service 2: Security Breach is a computer game created by 4D Rulers and published by Activision Value. It puts the player in the position of a member of the secret service whose purpose is to defend the President.


The security of the President and the nation rests squarely on the player's shoulders. As a new recruit on the rise, they will be faced with many life-threatening situations. Relying on their instincts and training, they must detect threats and stop terrorist actions before they can become a reality. It’s their responsibility to deal with the "bad guys", protect the good guys and the overall well-being of their country.


  • Escorting of officials through hostile environments
  • Large arsenal, including dozens of tactical weapons from handguns to rocket launchers
  • Graphics system with real-time lighting, particle effects, bump mapping, spectacular lighting, stencil shadowing and highly detailed environments
  • Environments feature destructible objects, exploding barrels and other objects
  • Locational damage system
  • Encounter many types of criminals from low-level mob enforcers to highly dangerous terrorists

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