Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter (制服伝説プリティファイター Seifuku Densetsu Puriti Faitā?, lit. "Seifuku Legend Pretty Fighter") is a fighting game released on the Super Famicom (the Japanese version of the SNES). The game features eight fan service-friendly girls. It was later followed by an enhanced version of it, Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter X, released for the Saturn featuring four additional characters, as well as altered graphics and audio; and a sequel known as FIST, which had little success in Japan for its low ratings.

It is similar to the Variable Geo and Asuka 120% series.

The Characters


Considered the Yuka Takeuchi or the Asuka Honda of the series. Marin is a normal school girl in a sailor uniform. Her best friend Saki was attacked by bullies and Marin quickly disposed of them. Marin's sailor outfit also bears a resemblance to Sailor Moon's outfit. Marin's signature attack "Blue Sailor Punch" is taken from blue sailor, a fetish reference where people can buy used girls' panties in Japan from vending machines and shops.


Juri's move set is nearly identical to Marin's. She works the daytime as an OL, but at night she goes to nightclubs dancing the night away in a dancer's uniform. She takes out a couple of thugs who cause trouble at the club. Juri's last name Akasaka is named after the Akasaka district in Tokyo known for its nightclubs and hostess bars.


Ai is a gymnast who plans on excelling to the top. She loves to train and keep herself focused. She loves bananas and hates boys who take voyeur photos of her at inconvenient times. Ai's gymnastics routines like rhythmic and callisthenic are used in her fighting moves. She even saves some little kids from a vampiric scoundrel.


Kei is a police officer who delivers justice with a blazing fury. She carries around her standard police gear when she's fighting or chasing after criminals and is not above using her sex appeal to trap them. An example of this is when she takes out a knife-wielding lunatic by distracting him with her curvaceous features.


Minami is a young girl who goes to a private school. She is Marin's friendly rival, like Karina Toyota is to Asuka Honda in the Asuka 120% series. She hates homosexuals and even saved a young baseball player from an oncoming train. Afterwards, she took down a player from a rival team who pushed the player in the first place.


Ryouko, or Oryou as she likes to be called, is a college student who loves doing traditional Japanese customs. She takes out a ninja who tried to harm her and her friends.


Kris is a bubbly nurse with pink hair and a cute disposition. She works at a hospital and handles her duties as a doctor and a nurse. While fighting, she uses doctor's equipment to her advantage as exemplified by taking out a sword-wielding fiend who tries to assassinate one of her patients. Her clock tower stage in Pretty Fighter X is set to the user's real time clock that can be set on the Saturn's menu.


Yawara is a martial artist who wears a judo uniform. Similar to Torami Hōjō from the Asuka 120% series, Yawara plans on establishing herself as the strongest fighter. Like most female judoka in video games, Yawara is based on the real-life Japanese judoka Ryoko Tani. Yawara also stopped a maniac with a gun after she won first place at a judo competition in Kyushu.


Sorami is a young stewardess who travels around the world. She quickly disposed of a hijacker during a flight even using a bit of her sex appeal. She's also a teatotaller, meaning she doesn't drink any alcohol. She was added to the roster Pretty Fighter X.


Shizuka is a high school teacher who is arrogant and domineering. On off days, she loves to bet on horse races. She comes dressed in a white laboratory coat when she goes into battle. She took out a group of male delinquents who raided her classroom inventory and made them clean up her classroom. She was added to the roster of Pretty Fighter X.


Tokiko is currently a waitress at Ima Ima Host, a restaurant similar to Anna Miller's. She had an encounter with a thug wearing a wrestling mask and quickly took him down. She was added to the roster Pretty Fighter X.


Maria is a Catholic nun in a traditional habit. Maria is the evil mastermind in Pretty Fighter X and is the lighter equivalent to Vega/M. Bison. She loves to pray and hates computer technology since it distracts her from her religious beliefs. Maria also has hired henchmen who try to attack the 11 girls (as seen in the anime sequences), but fail at the hands of the fighters. Maria Christel is the only fighter without an anime introduction in Pretty Fighter X.

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