Sengeki Striker (閃激ストライカー "Thousand Bullet Striker"?) is a vertically-scrolling shooter created by Warashi and Kaneko for the arcade and released in 1997.


The player's firepower consists of a main shot, up to 4 Options called Gambits, and a number of bombs. Power-ups are available for the main shot, as well as extra Gambits and bombs, can be found throughout the game. There are 2 types of Gambits: a forward-firing laser type, and a rapid-firing vulcan type which moves and aims at enemies when firing. The player begins with 3 bombs, which can deploy near-instantly, negate most enemy fire, and do moderate damage in a large radius around the player's ship.


Sengeki Striker plays more like an updated version of older shooters than many of its contemporaries, which often place more emphasis on scoring systems than simply surviving. Another aspect of older shooters it shares is a checkpoint system, beginning with the 3rd stage.

The scoring system of Sengeki Striker itself is not well-understood. However, destroying enemy ships so that the explosion takes out other enemies, and using the strikers to destroy targets increases one's score.

Sengeki Striker bears some visual resemblance to Shienryu, a previous game by Warashi.

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